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So… what did I think of The Power of Three?

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So… what did I think of A Town Called Mercy?

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A few additional stray observations.

  • Having criticised the usual indefatigable design departments last week, I have to take them task again this week for the very derivative look of the Gunslinger, whose make-up was exactly half-and-half Borg from Star Trek The Next Generation and Tony from Total Recall.
  • Lots of good jokes this week too, especially the Doctor’s tea order and Susan the transgender horse.
  • As well as the Gunslinger’s willingness or not to injure others in the crossfire, the business with the squiggly tattoos confusing its targeting system was undercooked and far less relevant than you might think given the amount of attention it got on-screen.
  • Can we have a rule that you can’t do robot POV shots any more unless you think of something new to do with them? The Gunslinger was already in the habit of speaking commands aloud to himself. Did we have to see them on a heads-up display as well?

So… What did I think of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?

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So… what did I think of Asylum of the Daleks?

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Gosh, it has been quiet here, hasn’t it? I’ll post an update about Coalition very shortly. Meantime, if you want to find out what I thought of the first episode of Series Seven then you’ll have to click the link below, as I am now reviewing Doctor Who exclusively for What Culture. Get me!