Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests

DWRE8: 11 January 2007


Welcome back! A very small field saw Dave Woodley come out on top 
with an excellent score of 10! Familiar faces are throughout the top 
5, with previous multi-winner Wilf just scraping into the top 10.

0  Issigri             Rowse                  Ollis 
1  Time                Huon                   Psychic 
2  Curse of Peladon 1  The Romans 2           The Romans 1 
3  Midge               Stor                   Solon 
4  UNIT date           Eye/Harmony in TARDIS  Daleks evolved/Kaleds
5  John Peel           Peter Anghelides       Jonathan Morris 
6  Linx                Ian Chesterton         Queen Victoria 
7  Norman Stewart      Derrick Sherwin        Morris Barry 
8  TV Movie            Evil of the Daleks     Carnival of Monsters 
9  The Savages         Enemy of the World     The Faceless Ones 

To review the scoring:
The scores on the different questions are MULTIPLIED to produce a final 
score for each entrant. Low score wins; a perfect score is 1. If your 
answer to a question is correct, then your score is the number of people 
who gave that answer, or an answer I consider equivalent. A wrong answer, 
or a skipped question, gets a high score as a penalty. This is the median of:
- the number of entrants
- the square root of that number, rounded up to an integer
- double the largest number of entrants giving the same answer (right or 
wrong) as each other on the question

Here is the complete table of scores.

RANK SCORE  ENTRANT          Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9

1       10  Dave Woodley      1  1  1  1  5  1  2  1  1  1 
2       30  Graham Keeling    1  3  1  1  1  1  1  5  2  1 
3      144  Jonathan Morris   2  2  1  3  1  1  1  3  2  2 
=      144  Ed Jolley         1  2  1  3  1  2  2  3  1  2 
5      160  Jesse Smith       2  2  1  1  1  WR 2  1  2  2 
6      180  solar.penguin     3  1  1  1  1  WR 1  3  2  2 
7      192  Nathan Brownback  1  2  2  WR 1  1  1  1  4  2 
8      216  Simon Kinnear     1  2  2  1  1  2  3  1  3  3 
9      240  Wilf              1  2  1  2  1  1  1  5  4  3 
10     800  yohinnchild       1  1  1  2  5  1  2  WR 4  1 
11     864  rob.ocelot        WR 3  2  WR 1  1  1  4  1  1 
12     900  HolmesBaker       1  6  WR 1  1  2  1  5  3  1 
13   1,200  artyclarty        1  3  1  1  WR 1  1  5  4  2 
14   1,440  Chicken Man       1  6  1  1  WR 1  2  4  3  1 
15   1,600  Jack Nickley      2  5  2  1  5  2  2  1  4  1 
16   2,400  Dave Jones        1  1  1  3  WR WR 1  1  WR 2 
17   2,592  ChrisDK           WR 6  1  WR 1  1  1  3  4  1 
18   4,320  Paulbarthur       2  6  1  WR 5  1  2  2  3  1 
19   4,800  Hotmissile        1  5  2  1  WR 1  3  1  WR 2 
20   5,760  Paul Campbell     3  6  1  1  WR 1  1  4  4  2 
=    5,760  Tim Barnett       1  1  2  WR WR 2  1  2  4  3 
22   8,100  Aaon              2  6  WR 1  5  1  3  3  3  1 
23  12,000  Beyondthevoid     2  5  2  1  WR 2  WR 5  1  1 
24  86,400  Simon@Twofish     3  5  1  WR WR 2  1  3  WR 2 
25 172,800  Luke Curtis       1  5  2  WR WR 2  2  4  3  WR 

Here is the complete list of answers given. Each list shows correct answers 
in the order worst to best (most to least popular).

Posting the questions on rec.arts.drwho did not result in any vandalism, so 
I'll probably post DWRE9 there too. Whether or not there will be a DWRE10 
will depend on me thinking of enough questions, and getting a bigger turn-out 
next time.

0. Give a surname shared by two or more characters (whether or not they happen 
to be related). Where characters are given only one name, that is assumed to 
be a first name and not a surname.

3 Briggs (Benjamin, Samantha)
2 Tyler (Jackie, Rose)
2 Maxtible (Theodore and Ruth)
2 Ollis (Mr and Mrs)
1 Blake (Josiah, Ursula)
1 Clanton (Ike, Phineas)
1 Jenkins (The Faceless Ones, The Doctor Dances)
1 Smith (Mickey, Sarah Jane)
1 Williams (Petra, Allison)
1 Wright (Barbara, Pte)
1 Issigri (Dom and Madeline)
1 Jackson (Ben and sailor in Enlightenment)
1 P (Priscilla and Silas)
1 Reynolds (Captain and Superintendent)
1 Rowse (Hilda and Bert)
1 Scarlioni (Count and Countess)
1 Scarman (Lawrence and Marcus)
1 Travers (Prof and Anne)
1 Seeley
1 Turlough

Four people submitted answers in the form “Fred and Betty Davis”. Usually, if a 
word is asked for, the first word in the answer is deemed to be the answer. Here, 
I asked for a surname, and so I've - reluctantly - allowed what looks like the 
surname to stand as the answer. 

The entrant who submitted “Polly and Barbara Wright” is therefore deemed to have 
submitted the answer “Wright” which is correct, since even though Polly’s surname 
was never given on-screen, there was a Private Wright in The Silurians. I'm less 
convinced about “Vislor and Malkon Turlough” since I don’t believe Turlough’s 
brother’s full name is ever stated. It may be reasonable to assume that he's 
called "Malkon Turlough" but in this game, we deal only in what is known, not what 
can be assumed.

One of the "Tyler"s was “Pete and Pete Tyler” (parallel world) which is 
unnecessarily ingenious, since “Tyler” is a correct answer in any case.

1. Give a word which appears before the word "particle" or the word "energy" to 
describe a fictional phenomenon in the Doctor Who universe.

6 Mandragora
5 Artron
3 Huon
2 Helix
2 Phobic
2 Psychic
1 Delta
1 Ghost
1 Nexus
1 Orbital
1 Time

The collision on “Huon” was to be expected, as I suppose was the collision on 
"artron" - but the double collision on “Mandragora” and “Helix” was a surprise. 
Note that since I asked for a word, more specific variant scoring does not apply. 
This was the one question which nobody got wrong.

2. Name a Doctor Who episode which, on its first UK transmission, gained ratings 
of 10 million viewers or more.

2 Curse of Peladon 2 (11m)
2 Rose (10.8m)
2 The Crusade 1 (10.5m)
2 Time Flight 1 (10m)
1 Black Orchid 2 (10.1m)
1 City of Death 3 (15.4m)
1 City of Death 4 (16.1m)
1 Curse of Peladon 1 (10.3m)
1 Daleks Master Plan 3 (10.3m)
1 Day of the Daleks 2 (10.4m)
1 Galaxy 4 3 (11.3m)
1 Masque of Mandragora 4 (10.6m)
1 The Creature from the Pit 3 (10.2m)
1 The Daleks 7 (10.4m)
1 The Rescue 2 (13m)
1 The Romans 1 (13m)
1 The Romans 2 (11.5m)
1 The Time Warrior 4 (10.6m)
1 The Web Planet 1 (13.5m)
1 City of Death (episode asked for, story given)
1 The Face of Evil (episode asked for, story given)

Easy to research and hard to get wrong, unless you failed to specify a particular 
episode. I'm not sure what a story gaining ratings of over 10 million would mean, 
unless it was a single-episode story. Does it mean at least one episode getting 
over 10 million? More than half its episodes getting over 10 million? The average 
rating across all episodes being over 10 million?

3. Name a character who is killed directly as a result of The Doctor's actions.

3 Solon
2 Kamelion
1 Cyber Controller
1 Cyberleader
1 Eldrad
1 Goth
1 Graff Vynda-K
1 Mawdryn
1 Midge
1 Monarch
1 Quillam
1 Shockeye
1 Slaar
1 Stor
1 Sutekh
1 Fibuli (Mentiad's actions)
1 Harrison Chase (tried to kill the Doctor instead of saving himself)
1 Imperial Dalek giving count-down (not named)
1 Pangol's clones (not one person)
1 Sara Kingdom (chooses to return to The Doctor)
1 Stevens (commits suicide)
1 Margaret Slitheen (regressed to an egg, not killed)

What does “directly killed” mean? I take it to mean that there was no opportunity 
for any one else (including the victim) to intervene. The Doctor takes an action 
which irrevocably results in the death of another person. I thought Kamelion and 
Shockeye would sweep the board, but there are a number of other unarguable cases.

In the “no” pile, we find Harrison Chase who pulls the Doctor in to the composting 
machine after him, rather than climbing out himself. Stevens is freed from mind 
control by the Doctor (in The Green Death) but then takes his own life.

Mr Fibuli, in The Pirate Planet is killed because The Doctor commands the Mentiads 
to destroy a piece of equipment. Therefore The Mentiads are the ones directly 
responsible. They could (in theory) have refused the order. Likewise, Sara Kingdom 
chose to return to the Doctor and the Time Destructor, thereby bringing about her 
own death.

4. Describe a piece of information given during an episode of Doctor Who (by any 
means) which appears to contradict information given in a previously-broadcast 
episode, and which contradiction is not resolved within that story.

5 UNIT date
1 51st century has working, practical time machines
1 Dalekanium is an unstable explosive
1 Daleks evolved from Kaleds
1 Name of the Inn Ian remembers
1 Sontarans have extra fingers
1 Spelling of For[e]man
1 TARDIS doors can be safely opened
1 The Eye of Harmony is in the TARDIS
1 The TARDIS is in a state of temporal grace
1 Zoe does/does not know what candles are
1 Colour schemes of renegade and imperial Daleks
1 Ease of travel between parallel worlds
1 Impossible to see the Big Bang
1 K9 has never spun in circles before
1 Mars was destroyed by the Fendahl
1 McCoy is not the Seventh Doctor
1 Regenerations since Sarah last met The Doctor
1 TARDIS not sucked into void
1 The Doctor is Half Human
1 The Doctor is able to fly the TARDIS (The Time Monster)

No surprise to see the UNIT date error featured prominently here. In fact one 
entrant who submitted this answer commented "N.B This is possibly the dullest 
answer ever and will no doubt score highly". Different people phrased it differently, 
but Mawdryn Undead was always to blame, so these answers have all been taken to be 

That Sontarans have extra fingers is a contradiction explicitly because they 
are a cloned race. Other differences between aliens of the same race in different 
stories can be taken to be natural variation and so wouldn’t rise to the level of 

I suspect that the answers I have marked wrong here will be the most controversial, 
so here are my reasons.

"Ease of travel between parallel worlds" suggests that the Doctor’s statements 
in Inferno - to the effect that returning with The Brigade Leader would be a 
“cosmic disaster” - are contradicted by the events of Doomsday - which show little 
ill-effects of parallel world travel beyond a little climate change. However the 
journey in Inferno is caused by a malfunction of the TARDIS which “slipped sideways 
in time”, whereas the journeys in Doomsday are the result of a time-rift so I don’t 
think this is comparing like-with-like.

“I’ve regenerated half-a-dozen times” does not contradict The Five Doctors since 
the rest of School Reunion suggests that Sarah has no memory of The Five Doctors, 
which is itself consistent with the way being “taken out of time” seems to work 
in both that story and The Three Doctors. It is also notable that the Doctor uses 
a casual phrase to suggest about six regenerations, rather than exactly six.

Whether the TARDIS is sucked into the void I think has to do with the nature of 
void-stuff and the nature of the TARDIS and not how physically heavy it is.

The Doctor being half human was certainly a surprise, but it does not directly 
conflict with any information given elsewhere. A half-human, half Gallifreyan 
raised as a Time Lord on Gallifrey would certainly identify himself as a Time 
Lord, just as the half-human Spock frequently identified himself as Vulcan. 
Plus, the first and second Doctor’s seemingly human physiology (one heart etc) 
can be seen as evidence in favour of this hypothesis.

The entry which I have summarised as "impossible to see the Big Bang" is 
presented here in full

In "Destiny Of The Daleks", Doctor 4 is reading Oolon Caluphid's "Origins of the 
Universe" and states "He got it wrong on the first line! Why didn't he ask someone 
who saw it happen?" (implying him, but could equally be referring to anyone else) 
In Castrovalva though, Doctor 5 states that visiting Event One (the Big Bang) is 
prohibited by the Timelords so, regardless of whether it was the Doctor or someone 
else, who was Oolon Caluphid supposed to ask? In short, the earlier story claimed 
that someone had seen the Big Bang, whilst the later story claims that's impossible 
(or, at least, hasn't happened before).  

Now usually, if a correct answer has an incorrect explanation, I still mark it as 
correct, but given the nature of this question, that can't apply here. My problems 
with this answer are as follows: The Fourth Doctor's comment is ambiguous and could 
have been ironic. "Event One" is the creation of the Universe as depicted in Terminus, 
but it's the creation of the galaxy (the hydrogen in-rush) which threatens the TARDIS 
in Castrovalva (pure nonsense, cosmologically speaking, but that need not concern us). 
Finally, that the Time Lords forbid something does not make it impossible. Maybe there 
is a contradiction here, but this entrant did not successfully describe it.

The entrant who submitted "Dalek colour schemes" seemed to think that "Imperial" 
meant something other than associated with the emperor - Davros.

In the TV Movie we learn that McCoy plays the Doctor's seventh incarnation, but according 
to one entrant, this contradicts The Brain of Morbius where earlier incarnations than the 
Hartnell version are seen (who all look like members of the production team in fancy
 dress). Morbius is not unambiguous here, and further, it's hard to argue that it's the 
 TV Movie which is contradictory, since every other reference to numbers of incarnations 
 is in agreement (Three Doctors, Five Doctors, Mawdryn Undead etc). While I might have 
 entertained Morbius as being a contradiction, I'm not going to accept the TV Movie.

Although there is a lot of mutually contradictory evidence surrounding the nature of The 
Third Doctor's exile, in The Time Monster, his ability to fly the TARDIS is explained by 
his effectively yoking it to The Master's.

And Mars was not destroyed by the Fendahl.

5. Name a person who has been credited as writer on more than four professional, 
authorised Doctor Who stories in other mediums, but who has never been credited as 
writer on a television episode of Doctor Who.

2 Alan Barnes
2 Jon Blum
2 Kate Orman
2 Steve Lyons
1 Andrew Cartmel
1 Cavan Scott
1 Christopher Bulis
1 Eddie Robson
1 Gareth Roberts
1 Iain McLaughlin
1 John Peel
1 Jonathan Morris
1 Justin Richards
1 Lance Parkin
1 Paul Magrs
1 Peter Anghelides
1 Simon Furman (DWM comic strips)
1 Simon Gurrier
1 Ian Marter (Target books only)
1 Nigel Robinson (two original novels only)
1 Robert Shearman (wrote Dalek)

Lots of choice here and so a flat field, but I didn’t want to tie you down to a 
single medium. The big question here was: does adapting televised stories for 
Target books reach the standard of “credited as writer”? After much agonising, 
I’m going to say “no.” Ian Marter and Nigel Robinson did not write the stories 
Earthshock, Edge of Destruction etc., although they may have written books with 
those names. Robinson did write two original novels as well, but that’s not enough.

Props (but no points) to the entrant who correctly answered with their own name!

6. Name a character who appears onscreen in at least one episode, and is mentioned 
but does not appear in at least one other.

3 Victoria Waterfield (The Two Doctors)
2 Linx (The Sontaran Experiment)
2 Shakespeare (City of Death)
2 Susan (The Rescue)
2 The Master (Black Orchid)
1 Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Android Invasion)
1 Harry Sullivan (Mawdryn Undead)
1 Ian Chesterton (Planet of the Daleks)
1 Kassia (Logopolis)
1 Lefee (The Ambassadors of Death)
1 Liz Shaw (Terror of the Autons)
1 Marco Polo (Power of the Daleks)
1 Napoleon (The Sea Devils)
1 Nyssa (Snakedance)
1 Professor Travers (Invasion)
1 Queen Victoria (Ghost Light)
1 Tegan (The Twin Dilemma)
1 The Doctor
1 Rose

Here, stories in brackets indicate a story in which the character was mentioned 
but did not appear in at least one episode. There may be others (certainly so in 
the case of The Master and Susan). Kassia of Traken is mentioned eliptically in 
Logopolis when Nyssa refers to "my step-mother", but that is sufficient.

I am certain, however, that every episode of Doctor Who transmitted since 2005 has 
featured Billie Piper as Rose (albeit in only a single flashback shot of The Runaway 

7. Name a person who has been credited in more than one capacity on episodes of 
Doctor Who, and who has been credited at least once as either writer or director. 
For the purposes of this question, writer and script / story editor should be 
regarded as synonymous.

5 Derrick Sherwin (producer, script editor)
4 Peter Grimwade (writer, director)
3 Morris Barry (actor, director)
3 Peter Bryant (producer, script-editor)
2 Terry Nation (writer, Dalek creator)
1 Barry Letts (producer, director)
1 Glyn Jones (writer, actor)
1 Kit Pedler (writer, Cyberman creator)
1 Michael Ferguson (AFM, Director)
1 Norman Stewart (Prod Asst, Director)
1 Terrence Dudley (writer, director)
1 Victor Pemberton (actor, script-editor)
1 Terrance Dicks

This time the question is: what does “credited as writer” mean? Had I written 
“capacity as writer”, I would have no hesitation in marking Terry Nation and 
Kit Pedler as wrong. They may have been credited as “Daleks Created by” but 
this was because of their work as writers. However, what I wrote was “credited 
as writer” and “creator” is very arguably a different credit. These two sneak 
under the wire. This would also have let in Marc Platt, Bob Baker and Dave 

As far as I can see, though, Terrance Dicks is just wrong.

Other right answers not given include: Graeme Harper (AFM, Director), Mervyn 
Pinfield (Director, Associate Producer), David Maloney (Prod Asst, Director), 
Fiona Cumming (Prod Asst, Director) and no doubt others.

8. Name a story which was repeated on BBC terrestrial television in a different 
version to its first broadcast.

4 Genesis of the Daleks (90 minute repeat)
4 Planet of the Daleks (episode 3 b/w)
3 Revelation of the Daleks (four part repeat)
3 The Five Doctors (four part repeat)
2 Carnival of Monsters (part four cut)
2 The Evil of the Daleks (additional voice-over)
1 TV Movie (uncut repeat)
1 The Daemons (1971 edited repeat)
1 The Deadly Assassin (episode 3 cut)
1 The Robots of Death (two-part repeat)
1 An Unearthly Child
1 Rose
1 The Runaway Bride (signed repeat)

The big head-scratcher here is: does a signed transmission of The Runaway 
Bride count as a different version. I've eventually decided that it doesn't. 
It's the same in all important respects.

The showing of the Pilot as part of The Lime Grove Story doesn’t count 
because the other three episodes weren’t shown with it, and the entrant 
who submitted Rose is asking me to believe that the leaking of that episode 
over the Internet is a "broadcast" with its eventual BBC transmission being 
therefore a "repeat". Scare quotes indicate the words I consider to be 

The rest are all fairly obviously correct, although I had to query Evil 
of the Daleks which apparently included an extra opening narration by Patrick 
Troughton for its 1968 repeat showing, set up at the end of The Wheel in Space.

Right answers not given include omnibus repeats of The Sea Devils, Day of the 
Daleks, The Green Death, Planet of the Spiders, Ark in Space, Sontaran 
Experiment and several others throughout the 70s.

9. Name a story which has one or more missing episodes. (An episode is missing 
if the majority of the footage is not known to exist. Quality of footage known 
to exist is not a factor.)

3 The Reign of Terror
2 Galaxy 4
2 The Celestial Toymaker
2 The Faceless Ones
2 The Highlanders
2 The Space Pirates
1 Power of the Daleks
1 The Abominable Snowmen)
1 The Crusades
1 The Dalek Master Plan
1 The Enemy of the World
1 The Ice Warriors
1 The Massacre
1 The Mythmakers
1 The Savages
1 The Smugglers
1 The Underwater Menace
1 No answer given

Bad luck if you chose The Reign of Terror. One entrant asked if I would have 
accepted Shada. The (unarguable) answer is left as an exercise for other entrants. 

DWRE9 will follow shortly.

My thanks to all who entered. Let the disagreements commence.




Originally Posted by chriskelk  
I think I've been marked wrong on two answers wrongly (I think)
0. Seeley - as in Sam and Meg from Spearhead from Space.
3. Jocrassa Fel Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen - that's the Slitheen that was 
masquerading as Joseph Green, not Margaret Blaine. 

Seeley was a typo on my part - sorry!

You're right that I had the wrong Slitheen, but I can't find the Doctor as the 
direct killer when Mickey fired the missile. 

The top of the scoreboard now looks like this:

 1          10    Dave Woodley         1  1  1  1  5  1  2  1  1  1 
 2          30    Graham Keeling       1  3  1  1  1  1  1  5  2  1 
 3         144    Jonathan Morris      2  2  1  3  1  1  1  3  2  2 
 =         144    Ed Jolley            1  2  1  3  1  2  2  3  1  2 
 5         160    Jesse Smith          2  2  1  1  1 WR  2  1  2  2 
 6         180    solar.penguin        3  1  1  1  1 WR  1  3  2  2 
 7         192    Nathan Brownback     1  2  2 WR  1  1  1  1  4  2 
 8         216    Simon Kinnear        1  2  2  1  1  2  3  1  3  3 
 9         240    Wilf                 1  2  1  2  1  1  1  5  4  3 
10         432    ChrisDK              1  6  1 WR  1  1  1  3  4  1