Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests

DWRE6: 16 August 2006


A smaller than usual field of entries, with just 28 people battling for 
supremacy; a battle won by Ceadge with an excellent score of just 216. 
Dave Woodley was second and in joint third place Simon Kinnear and 
Jonathan Morris. Wilf records his first entry outside the top five; in 
fact, he's outside the top ten! 

0    Derek Ware       Eliz. Blattner   Eileen Way       Howard Lang 
1    Dodo Chaplet     Barbara Wright   Vicki            Sarah Jane 
2    Gond City        Vulcan           Silver Carrier   Space Station C 
3    Motor cycle      Milk float       Parachute        Mineshaft lift 
4    Framing the Doc  Tripping guard   Guide for Leela  Stopping Namin 
5    Time Lords       The 2nd Doctor    Peri             Sarah Jane 
6    Jacq. Pearce     Eliz. Parker     Helen Blatch     Pennant Roberts 
7    Pipe             A Dalek          Ace's art block  Dock bay doors 
8    Snake            Gallifrey        Stonehenge       Tardis doors 
9    Platform One     Gelth in theatre Himself          Himself 

To review the scoring: 
The scores on the different questions are MULTIPLIED to produce a final 
score for each entrant. Low score wins; a perfect score is 1. If your 
answer to a question is correct, then your score is the number of 
people who gave that answer, or an answer I consider equivalent. A 
wrong answer, or a skipped question, gets a high score as a penalty. 
This is the median of: 
- the number of entrants 
- the square root of that number, rounded up to an integer 
- double the largest number of entrants giving the same answer (right 
or wrong) as each other on the question 

Here is the complete table of scores. 

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 

 1         216    Ceadge               1  3  1  2  4  3  3  1  1  1 
 2         324    Dave Woodley         1  1  3  1  1  2  1  9  3  2 
 3         432    Jonathan Morris      1  3  2  1  1  3  3  1  1  8 
 4         480    Jmol                 1  1  3  1  1  5  1  4  1  8 
 5         729    Chris Brannigan      1  3  3  1  1  3  3  3  3  1 
 6         810    Simon Kinnear        1  1  2  3  3  3  1  1  3  5 
 7         960    fortmap              1  1  2  2  3  5  1  1  2  8 
 8       1,080    Mock Ferret          1  2  2  2  3  3  1  3  1  5 
 9       1,440    Ed Jolley            2  3  1  3  1  8  2  1  1  5 
10       1,620    sontaran@tiscali     1  3  2  1  1  5 WR  9  1  1 
11       2,700    Bazza                1  3  1  2  1  5  3  3  2  5 
12       3,456    Peter Morris         2  3  2  3  2  8  1  3  1  2 
13       4,608    Chriskelf            1  2  4  2  2  1  3  3  2  8 
14       5,760    Wilf                 2  5  3  3  1  8  1  1  1  8 
15       6,912    Dave Jones           1  3  4  1  2  8  2 WR  1  1 
 =       6,912    beyondthevoid        1  1  2  1  1  8  3  3  3 WR 
17       8,640    Andrew Curnow        2  3  3  2  2  5  3  1  1  8 
18       9,216    Biggles              2  2  4  1  1 WR  3  4  3  1 
19      11,520    Lee Johnson          1  5  3  1  4  2  3  4  1  8 
20      12,960    Cols123              1  1  2  2  4  3  2  9  3  5 
21      13,824    Beano                2  3  1  2  4  3  3  2  2  8 
22      17,280    Luke Curits          1  1  3  3  4  8  3  4  1  5 
23      24,300    snacky1973           1  5  3  1  4  3  1  9  3  5 
24      25,920    genesisrockz         2  5  2  2  4  3  3  9  2  1 
25      41,472    btn                  2  2  3  1 WR  8  3  9  2  1 
26     116,640    yohinnchild          2  3  4  1  4  3  3  9  3  5 
27     233,280    Tim Barnett          2  3  2  3 WR  3  2  9  3  5 
28     583,200    Aloysius             1  5  3  2  6  8  3  9  3  5 

Here is the complete list of answers given.  Each list shows correct 
answers in the order worst to best (most to least popular).  >>> 
indicates that the "more specific variant" scoring was used. 

Once again, an oaf on rec.arts.drwho thought it would be funny to post 
his answers publicly. I say "thought it would be funny" because 
this individual ("Lio Convoy") is a repeat offender and merely 
offered the ludicrous defence that he did not wish to pass on his email 
address to a stranger. Fine, then use an anonymiser, or don't enter. 
As a result of this action, I will no longer be posting DWRE 
competitions on news groups, although I may continue to advertise them 

As usual, where legitimate answers duplicate those of the miscreant, 
they are identified with a *. 

Another dope, who emailed me to ask whether the contest was still worth 
entering after this act of vandalism, proceeded to also post his 
answers publicly - this time, in error. Since this was in the dying 
hours of the contest, I have allowed the entry to stand. 

[b]0. Name someone who was contracted to work on Doctor Who before 23 
November 1963.[/b] 

2    Peter Brachacki (designer, pilot) 
2    Reg Cranfield (actor) 
2    Rex Tucker (Director) 
2    Terry Nation * 
2    Verity Lambert 
1    Anthony Coburn (writer) 
1    Bernard Lodge (titles) 
1    Daphne Dare (costumes) 
1    David Whitaker (Story editor) 
1    Derek Newark (actor) 
1    Derek Ware (fight arranger) 
1    Eileen Way (actor) 
1    Elizabeth Blattner (makeup, pilot) 
1    Gerald Taylor (Dalek) 
1    Howard Lang (actor) 
1    Jeremy Young (actor) 
1    John Lucarotti (writer) 
1    Maureen Heneghan (costimes) 
1    Norman Kay (music) 
1    Norman Stewart (Prod Asst) 
1    Waris Hussein (director) 
1    William Hartnell 
1    William Russell 

A nice easy one to start with. I have assumed that anyone who worked in 
any professional capacity on any episode of the programme known to have 
been in production before 23 November 1963 qualifies. With 
post-production, one has to be a little more careful, but only Norman 
Kay who provided music could conceivably have provided his contribution 
too late, and since he in fact provided music for the Pilot, he easily 
qualifies. The basis for the assumption is that even BBC staff 
directors and designers would be contracted to work for the BBC, and so 
if under the terms of that contract they are required to work on Doctor 
Who, they can be said to be contracted to work on Doctor Who. Those 
working for freelance suppliers like Shawcraft Models might also have 
been acceptable. 

[b]1. Name a companion who appeared with the First Doctor[/b] 

5    Ben Jackson 
3    Dodo Chaplet 
3    Tegan 
3    Turlough 
3    Vicki 
2    Polly 
2    Steven Taylor 
1    Barbara Wright 
1    Ian Chesterton 
1    Jo Grant 
1    Katarina 
1    Sara Kingdom 
1    Sarah Jane Smith 
1    Susan * 

This question was deliberately designed to permit Three Doctors and 
Five Doctors answers, which created a pleasing collision on Tegan and 
Turlough. Ben Jackson, however, is evidently the just-obscure-enough 
companion of choice. 

I note that in general, this one-Doctor-per-question structure places a 
lot of emphasis on multi-Doctor stories. Thinking in this way does not 
always help entrants, however... 

[b]2. Name a non-Earth location visited by the Second Doctor[/b] 

4    Dulkis (The Dominators) 
 >>> 1   The Island of Death 
4    Gallifrey (The Five Doctors) 
 >>> 3   The Dark Tower 
 >>>  >>> 2   Tomb of Rassilon 
3    Moon (The Moonbase) 
3    Space Station Camera (The Two Doctors) 
3    Vulcan (Power of the Daleks) 
2    Alpha Four Beacon (The Space Pirates) 
2    Silver Carrier (The Wheel in Space) 
2    Telos (Tomb of the Cybermen) 
2    The Land of Fiction (The Mind Robber) 
1    Gond City (The Krotons) 
1    Omega's realm (The Three Doctors) 
1    The Roman Zone (The War Games) 

This question was originally "name an alien planet visited by the 
Second Doctor" until I realised just how limited the answers were 
(Dulkis, Vulcan, Gallifrey... er... er...). The entrant who answered 
"Gallifrey" was scuppered by one who answered "The Tower of 
Rassilon" - which I took to mean The Dark Tower - and another who 
answered "The Tomb of Rassilon" - a room within The Dark Tower. 

I suspected that the three entrants who cited the Moon would be 
scuppered in time by one who answered - frankly, more obviously - 
the Moonbase, but it was not to be. 

I accepted "Omega's Realm" and "The Land of Fiction" as the 
best names available for those locations. Once again, an out-of-era 
answer (Space Station Camera) does badly. You were better off sticking 
to 1960s stories. 

[b]3. Name a mode of transport used by the Third Doctor[/b] 

3    The Tardis 
3    Wheelchair (Spearhead from Space) 
2    Boat 
 >>> 1   Speedboat (Planet of the Spiders) 
2    Motor cycle (The Daemons) 
2    Motor tricycle (Day of the Daleks) 
2    Space ship 
 >>> 1   Recovery 7 (Ambassadors of Death) 
2    Teleport (The Mutants) 
2    Walking 
1    Cherry picker (The Green Death) 
1    Diving Bell (The Sea Devils) 
1    Hovercraft (Planet of the Spiders) 
1    Land Rover (The Green Death) 
1    Milk float (The Green Death) 
1    Mineshaft lift (The Green Death) 
1    Parachute (Planet of the Daleks) 
1    Prison Van (Mind of Evil) 
1    Stolen car (Spearhead from Space) 
1    Whomobile 

Lots of choice here, but again a couple of people fell foul of the more 
specific variant rule. Not surprisingly, "The Tardis" is one of the 
top answers, although with a larger field, I would expect to see it 
garner more votes, and probably the Whomobile too. 

Nobody voted for Bessie - except rec.arts.drwho vandal Lio Convoy 
that is. 

[b]4. Describe a use made of the Fourth Doctor's scarf, other than as 
an item of clothing.[/b] 

6    A tripwire 
 >>> 4   Tripping up Eldrad (The Hand of Fear) 
 >>> 1   Tripping up the Master (Logopolis) 
4    Framing the Doctor (The Leisure Hive) 
3    Measuring squares (Pyramids of Mars) 
2    Rescuing Romana from a cliff (Stones of Blood) 
2    Unravelled as a trail through the Tardis (Castrovalva) 
1    Bandage (Warrior's Gate) 
1    Blindfold (The Face of Evil) 
1    Guide for Leela (The Invisible Enemy) 
1    Leaving a false trail (The Android Invasion) 
1    Stopping Namin shooting Warlock (Pyramids of Mars) 
1    Tie up an enemy 
1    Tripping up executioner (Masque of Mandragora) 
1    Tripping up guard (Robot) 
1    Trying to turn off switch (Ark in Space) 
1    No answer given 
1    Slingshot 

Another blow struck by More Specific Variant scoring. Tripping up 
Eldrad was a very popular answer already but "tripwire" is a less 
specific variant of that, and so is tripping up the Master. I have kept 
the Doctor's tripping of his execution in Masque separate however, as 
- if my memory is accurate - the Doctor sort of scoops his legs out 
from under him, rather than leaving the scarf stretched as a tripwire. 
The same is true of the guard in Robot. 

"Framing the Doctor" was the second most popular answer, and after 
some thought I treated "strangling Stimson" as equivalent. That 
entrant should not complain too much, since I nearly marked this wrong. 
It's not at all clear that the scarf was actually used to perform the 
strangulation, only that this is how it is made to appear. 

As it happens up to this point, no answer has been marked wrong which 
is something of a first for a DWRE competition, but certainly a change 
after the last one! So here is the first wrong answer, but even this 
one might be right! I can't find a story in which the Doctor's 
scarf is used as a slingshot, and the entrant did not reply to my 
request for clarification. Obviously, if they - or anybody - can 
manage to cite one, I will correct the score accordingly. 

The * answer was "rope" which would have been wrong. That doesn't 
reach the standard of "describe a use", it merely names another 
object which might be put to a similar use. 

[b]5. Name a character or race of beings who appeared with the Fifth 
Doctor, and who also appeared with at least one earlier Doctor and at 
least one later Doctor.[/b] 

8    Humans 
5    Sarah Jane Smith 
3    Brigadier 
3    Daleks * 
3    Peri 
3    Time Lords 
 >>> 1   Gallifreyans 
2    The Second Doctor 
1    Black Guardian (did not appear after Enlightenment) 

Now this is a bit trickier, and there is a clearly wrong answer. The 
Black Guardian did not appear with any Doctors after Davison, and 
multi-Doctor stories won't help you here either. 

I'll whizz through the correct answers: humans and Daleks obviously 
qualify, Sarah Jane appeared with Pertwee and Baker in their normal 
run, met the Fifth Doctor in the Dark Tower and met the Tenth Doctor in 
School Reunion. Peri met the Fifth and Sixth Doctors in their normal 
run, and the Second Doctor in The Two Doctors.  Time Lords featured in 
The Deadly Assassin, Arc of Infinity and The Mysterious Planet to name 
just three stories which qualify them. The Brigadier met the Fifth 
Doctor in Mawdryn Undead and the Seventh Doctor in Battlefield as well 
as multiple adventures with earlier incarnations. 

The Second Doctor is not disallowed under the regeneration/equivalent 
rule: it is true that the answer "The Second Doctor" is equivalent 
to the answer "The Doctor", but it happens that the Second Doctor 
is the only incarnation who meets the required conditions (met the 
Third Doctor in The Three Doctors, the Fifth in The Five Doctors and 
the Sixth in The Two Doctors). 

Nobody mentioned the Cybermen, Davros or The Master all of whom would 
also have qualified! One entrant provided a complete list (which 
omitted Peri and Sarah Jane) before going for Daleks. For once, Daleks 
wasn't the worst answer (but wait till we get to question 7). 

[b]6. Name any person credited on at least one Doctor Who episode in 
the Sixth Doctor's era and at least one episode of Blake's 7.[/b] 

3    Colin Baker (City at the Edge of the World, The Doctor) 
3    Helen Blatch (Powerplay, Twin Dilemma) 
3    Jacqueline Pearce (Servelan, The Two Doctors) 
3    Lynda Bellingham (Headhunter, Inquisitor) 
3    Paul Darrow (Avon, Time Lash) 
2    Brian Blessed (Cygnus Alpha, Mind Warp) 
2    Tom Chadbon (Countdown, The Mysterious Planet) 
1    Adam Blackwood (Assassin, The Mysterious Planet) 
1    Elizabeth Parker (special sound, music) 
1    M.A.C. Adams (editor Orac, ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN) 
1    Pennant Roberts (Bounty, Time Lash) 
1    Peter Childs (Cygnus Alpha, Mark of the Rani) 
1    Robert Holmes (Killer, The Two Doctors) 
1    Stephen Yardley (Sand, [i[Vengeance on Varos) 
1    Yolande Palfrey (Pressure Point, Terror of the Vervoids) 
1    Terry Molloy (not in Blake's 7) 

Easy to check and almost no-one got this wrong. With a bit of work it 
was easy to ferret out an obscure answer - especially as I was nice 
and let you have writers and directors and the like instead of just 
actors. If you answered "Colin Baker", "Paul Darrow" or 
"Jacqueline Pearce" off the top of your head, you were rightly 
punished for your laziness ;). Why Lynda Bellingham is more popular 
than, say, Brian Blessed I do not know; and what Helen Blatch is doing 
so high up the list is a mystery. Is there an alphabetical list of such 
people somewhere? 

The * answer was Mat Irvine, which is probably right although I 
didn't check it. 

If Terry Molloy was in Blake's 7, then IMDB is oddly quiet on the 

[b]7. Name something destroyed or damaged by Nitro 9.[/b] 

9    A Dalek (Remembrance) 
4    Docking bay doors (Dragonfire) 
3    Deodorant cans 
3    Wall (Curse of Fenric) 
2    Bricks 
 >>> 1   Stack of Bricks (Remembrance of the Daleks) 
1    Ace's art block (referred to in Dragonfire) 
1    Ace's rucksack (Silver Nemesis) 
1    Cybership (Silver Nemesis) 
1    Inscription by lake (Battlefield) 
1    Pipe (The Happiness Patrol) 
1    Pottery Pigs (referred to in Battlefield) 
1    The Earth (not damaged) 

Ever wondered what the most memorable use of Nitro 9 was? Apparently 
it's the destruction of the Dalek in Totters Lane. Iconic for so many 
reasons, and featuring in an episode which, for some, marked a 
renaissance of Doctor Who, it smote the competition here with a huge 9 
votes - almost a third of the field. 

The Docking Bay doors in Dragonfire were an unexpected second, and 
there were a few more head-scratching rulings further down. 

The wall in the underground passage in Fenric was cited (variously 
described) by several entrants, and when another entrant offered 
"bricks" I marked that as a less specific variant of wall.  When I 
realised that bricks were also likely to be component parts of the Art 
Block, and possibly other things besides, I ruled it a separate answer 
entirely, only to revise my thoughts again when another entrant cited a 
specific stack of bricks, standing next to - yes, you guessed it, the 
Dalek in Totters Lane and clearly "damaged" in the same blast. This 
time, I felt justified in describing bricks as a less specific variant 
of a certain stack of bricks in a prescribed place. 

Finally, different answers referring to the same explosion have been 
treated differently (e.g. Ace's Rucksack and Cybership) - otherwise 
"Deodorant cans" would have been the worst answer by far! And, no, 
The Earth itself was not destroyed, or even "damaged" in any 
meaningful way by any of Dorothy McShane's home-made explosives. 

The * answer was Tardis, which is wrong. 

[b]8. Name anything which appeared in or was referred to the Paul 
McGann TV movie which also appeared in or was referred to in a previous 
Doctor Who episode. For the purposes of this question, if two things 
have the same name, they are assumed to be the same thing.[/b] 

3    Gallifrey 
 >>> 1   Night sky on Gallifrey 
3    Skaro 
3    Sonic screwdriver 
3    Tardis 
 >>> 1   Tardis doors 
2    Doctor's second heart 
2    Earth 
2    Frankenstein's Monster 
1    Ambulance 
1    Doctor's shoes 
1    Eiffel Tower 
1    H G Wells 
1    Neutron ram 
1    Rassilon * 
1    Seventh Doctor 
1    Snake 
1    Stonehenge 
1    Tardis key 

Time for my goof of the week. I had in mind fictional things of course 
(Eye of Harmony, Tardis key, that sort of thing) but completely omitted 
to specify that, letting in such trivialities as Ambulances, Snakes, 
Stonehenge and whatnot. Frankenstein's monster should have been a 
wrong answer (robot version of in The Chase and movie version of in the 
TV Movie) but - with The Eye of Harmony in mind - I had already 
specified that if they have the same name they are the same thing. 
Despite this, there was a pleasing collision on Gallifrey, the Tardis 
and the sonic screwdriver. 

"H G Wells" gave me pause. Yes, Herbert George Wells is in Time 
Lash and yes, The Doctor is seen reading "The Time Machine" in The 
TV Movie, but does a shot of the cover of a book rise to the level of 
"appeared or referred to"? I eventually decided that this entrant 
got a pass on the basis that "things which have the same name are the 
same thing" - the name "H G Wells" certainly appears in the TV 

[b]9. Name something which the Ninth Doctor described as 

8    Himself (The Parting of the Ways) 
5    Dalek unable to fire (Dalek) 
5    Rose * (The Parting of the Ways) 
2    Gelth in theatre (The Unquiet Dead) 
1    Barcelona (The Parting of the Ways) 
1    Children stealing food (The Empty Child) 
1    Humans 
1    London Eye as Nestene transmitter (Rose) 
1    Mobile Phone (Father's Day) 
1    Platform One's automated systems (The End of the World) 
1    Slitheen ship crashing (World War Three) 
1    Life (The Parting of the Ways) 

And finally, a huge collision on the Ninth Doctor, with his dying 
breath, describing himself as "fantastic". Rose and the helpless 
Dalek were also popular choices. One entrant pointed out that Eccleston 
often says "fantastic" when it's not entirely clear what he is 
referring to, but apart from the three just mentioned (all fairly 
unambiguous), only one other answer was duplicated so I don't think 
the perceived problem applies. 

After some thought, I marked "life" wrong, and here's why. The 
entrant's answer was just that one word. That means that the Ninth 
Doctor must have asserted that Life, life itself, is "fantastic" 
otherwise it's a wrong answer. The entrant's supporting information 
quoted the Doctor telling Rose to "have a fantastic life", but 
it's not Life Itself which is being described there. To get a correct 
answer out of that quote, I think you'd need something like "the 
life he hopes that Rose will have without him" or some other such 
circumlocution. This was not a "Venusian Shanghorn" question where 
"a fantastic [BLANK]" is sufficient evidence. 

If you think this ruling is in error, consider whether you would have 
allowed the answer "people called 'Rose'". If not, why not? 

Of course, supporting information does not need to be accurate, and if 
anyone else can cite an instance in which the Doctor asserted that Life 
Itself was fantastic, I will revise the score. 

On that point, I don't remember The Ninth Doctor referring to humans 
as "fantastic" but this might have happened in The Parting of the 
Ways. Being unable to view the episode until tonight, and having had no 
reply to my request for clarification from the entrant, I have 
tentatively marked this correct for now. Does anyone have any harder 

DWRE7 will probably follow early next week, and I think will 
(temporarily at least) exhaust my supply of good questions. I have been 
writing down questions as they occur to me and so the last two quizzes 
were largely compiled from that list. I shall probably rest the quiz 
for a while after DWRE7 for that reason - maybe running it monthly 
from then on, or whenever enough good questions stack up in my mind. 

Many thanks to all who entered. 




Just one correction this time around. I had Gallifreyans and Timelords the wrong way around on question 5. Timelords is the More Specific Variant.

This drops Chriskelk from 13 to 20 with all other scores remaining unchanged.

DWRE7 will be along today or tomorrow.