Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests

DWRE5: 26 July 2006


38 entrants battled it out this time, with Andrew Hodson achieving  a 
first place score of 400, just pipping John Dorney and Wilf who were 
joint second with 480. 

Here are the top answer slates (slightly abbreviated). Use a monospaced 
font for proper alignment. 

     ANDREW HODSON          JOHN DORNEY            WILF 

0    Steven/Sarah           Captain Jack/Mickey    Tegan/Kamelion 
1    Ood                    Auton                  Eccleston 
2    The Space Museum       The Leisure Hive       An Unearthly Child 
3    Doughnut               Chunky                 My Little Father 
4    Plasmatons             Arcturans              Gastropods 
5    Lalla Ward             Roy Skelton            William Hartnell 
6    Empress                Griffin                Roald 
7    The Rod of Rassilon    The Game of Rassilon   The Const. of Kast. 
8    Jane Baker             Paddy Russell          Mary Ridge 
9    Time and the Rani      Survival               Monster of Peladon 

To review the scoring: 
The scores on the different questions are MULTIPLIED to produce a final 
score for each entrant. Low score wins; a perfect score is 1. If your 
answer to a question is correct, then your score is the number of 
people who gave that answer, or an answer I consider equivalent. A 
wrong answer, or a skipped question, gets a high score as a penalty. 
This is the median of: 
- the number of entrants 
- the square root of that number, rounded up to an integer 
- double the largest number of entrants giving the same answer (right 
or wrong) as each other on the question 

Here is the complete table of scores. 

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 

 1         400    Andrew Hodson        1  1  5  2  1  1  1  4  2  5 
 2         480    John Dorney          3  1  2  1  1  1  1  4  4  5 
 =         480    Wilf                 2  1  2  1  1  2  1  2  5  6 
 4         648    James Christie       2  2  1  1  3  3  3  2  3  1 
 5         720    Daniel Blythe        3  1  2  2  1  3  1  1  5  4 
 6         960    Jonathan Morris      3  1  5  1  1  1  2  4  2  4 
 7       1,152    bazza                1  2  1  6  2  2  1  1  2 WR 
 8       2,592    Tim Barnett          3  2  3  1  3  3  1  1  4  4 
 9       3,150    Jmol                 3  1  5  1  1  3  2  1  7  5 
10       5,184    Guy Leopold          3  1  2  6  1  1  3  4  4  3 
11       5,760    Dave Jones           4  1  1  1 WR  6  2  3  1  5 
12       5,880    genesisrockz         1 WR  1  2  1  6  1  7  2  5 
13       6,480    sontaran@tiscali     1  1  3  6  2  3  1  3  5  4 
14       7,200    Chriskelk            3  1 WR  2  4  2  1  1  5  3 
15      19,200    Llama Roddy          3  2 WR  1 WR  2  1  4  5  1 
16      21,000    Solar Penguin        3 WR  5  1  4  1  1  2  5  5 
17      23,040    Peter Gemmell        2  1  1  6  4  6  1  4  4  5 
18      23,520    JesseS               1  1 WR  1  1  2 WR  4  7  6 
19      25,920    Andrew Lowrie        4  2 WR  6  1  3  1  1  3  6 
20      45,360    Yohinnchild          3  2  1  6  3  3  1  7  5  4 
21      51,840    btn                  3  1 WR  6  4  2  2  3  3  2 
22      61,440    Luke Curtis          4  1  2  6 WR  1  2  4  5  4 
23      70,560    snacky1972           3  1 WR  1  1  6 WR WR  4  1 
24      76,800    fortmap              2  2 WR  6  2  2  1  4  5  4 
25      96,768    Peter Morris         1  2  2 WR  2  6 WR  2  4  3 
26     117,600    Simon Kinnear        2  2 WR  1  2  3  2  7  7  5 
27     120,960    Ewan Villiers        1  2 WR  6  2  3  1  7  4  6 
28     141,120    Neil Toynay          3  1 WR  2  4  1 WR  4  7  3 
 =     141,120    Dave Woodley         2  1  5  6  4  3  2  7  7  2 
30     188,160    The Face of Po       4  1 WR WR  1  1  2 WR  7  2 
31     345,600    Ceadge               3  2 WR  1 WR  6  3  4  5  2 
32     352,800    Chris Brannigan      1  1  1 WR  4  3 WR WR  5  5 
33     740,880    Trevor Gensch        3  1 WR WR  2  1 WR  7  7  3 
34   1,008,000    Djsmith              3  1 WR  6 WR  1 WR  4  5  5 
35   1,646,400    Joe Henning          1 WR WR  1 WR  1 WR WR  5  6 
36   2,116,800    cols123              3  2 WR WR  1  2 WR WR  5  3 
37   7,408,800    Paul B Arthur        3 WR WR  2  4  3 WR  7  5  6 
38  10,838,016    artyclarty          WR  1  3 WR  2 WR WR WR  4  4 

Here is the complete list of answers given. Each list shows correct 
answers in the order worst to best (most to least popular). 

0. Name two companions who met each other in exactly one story 

4 Mel/Ace (Dragonfire) 
3 Brigadier/Nyssa (Mawdryn Undead) 
3 Captain Jack/Mickey (Boom Town) 
3 Dodo/Polly (The War Machines) 
3 Sarah/Tegan (Five Doctors) 
3 Susan/Tegan (The Five Doctors) 
3 Turlough/Peri (Planet of Fire) 
2 Dodo/Ben (The War Machines) 
2 Susan/Turlough (The Five Doctors) 
2 Tegan/Kamelion (The King's Demons) 
1 Barbara/Steven (The Chase) 
1 Brigadier/Ace (Battlefield) 
1 Ian/Steven (The Chase) 
1 Jamie/Peri (The Two Doctors) 
1 K9/Mickey (School Reunion) 
1 Sarah/Turlough (The Five Doctors) 
1 Steven/Sarah (Dalek Masterplan) 
1 Susan/Brigadier (The Five Doctors) 
1 Vicki/Katarina (The Myth Makers) 
1 Brigadier/Turlough (met twice) 

"Met" was clearly intended to mean "interacted with" and not 
"encountered for the first time". Nobody tried this second 
interpretation, although I did get a couple of emails on the subject. 

Correct answers to this question fell into two categories: hand-overs 
and reunions, with The Five Doctors providing a lot of the latter. 
There were traps however, The Brigadier met Turlough in Mawdryn Undead 
as well, for example. I also wondered if someone would try The 
Brigadier and Tegan but no-one did. One entrant claimed that Nyssa and 
Turlough is a correct answer since they have no scenes together in 
Terminus but - thankfully - I haven't had to rule on this, since 
the entrant in question submitted another answer first. 

The "obvious" answer of Sarah and Rose was not given by anyone, 
although School Reunion did provide a right answer in the form of 
K9/Mickey. K9/Rose and Sarah/Mickey would also have been fine. I am 
allowing Mickey's companion status (generally thought to have begun 
at the end of School Reunion) to have retrospective effect, making 
Jack/Mickey a right answer for Boom Town. 

Mel and Ace's handover seems to be fondly remembered, maybe as the 
last such in the classic series (and in some ways, the last to date) 
and maybe as a defining scene for the Seventh Doctor. 

1. Give a word associated with "Doctor Who" which returns 250,000 or 
more hits from an uncustomised Google search, according to the 
approximate count given at the top of the first results page. 

2 Axos (280,000) 
2 Bessie (9,500,000) 
2 Companion (212,000,000) 
2 Dalek (2,880,000) 
2 Pertwee (662,000) 
2 Silurian (1,040,000) 
1 Auton (3,770,000) 
1 Baker (247,000,000) 
1 Eccleston (1,870,000) 
1 Flavia (8,350,000) 
1 Gallifrey (484,000) 
1 Marinus (4,660,000) 
1 Mondas (539,000) 
1 Monoids (290,000) 
1 Omega (109,000,000) 
1 Ood (6,780,000) 
1 Panopticon (1,810,000) 
1 Polly (27,900,000) 
1 Regeneration (52,400,000) 
1 Rutan (6,070,000) 
1 Shada (281,000) 
1 Sutekh (280,000) 
1 Tellurian (264,000) 
1 Tennant (10,300,000) 
1 Thal (2,650,000) 
1 Troughton (687,000) 
1 Turlough (311,000) 
1 Yeti (12,200,000) 
1 Jack (not associated with Doctor Who) 
1 Lime (not associated with Doctor Who) 
1 Quarks (not associated with Doctor Who) 
1 Target (not associated with TV series) 

Verifying the number of results here was not difficult (nor was getting 
a good score), but I did have to rule on what constituted "associated 
with Doctor Who". With 40+ years of history, it is hard to find a 
word not associated with Doctor Who in some way, and so I have 
confidently ruled that "Jack" (the entrant was thinking of Captain 
Jack) and "Lime" (the entrant was thinking of Lime Grove) are not 
associated with Doctor Who strongly enough to make the grade. Having 
ruled "Jack" wrong, I was tempted to rule "Polly" wrong as 
well, but I decided that "Polly" is a regular character in the 
series, whereas "Jack" was not (it was always "Captain Jack"). 

The three borderline cases were "Yeti", "Companion" and 
"Quarks" and after some ruminating, I have let "Companion" and 
"Yeti" through but ruled "Quarks" wrong. To my mind, they are 
all just barely associated with Doctor Who, but "Companion" refers 
to the way the whole series works, and the Yeti were iconic returning 
monsters, whereas "Quarks" refers to a single story and one that 
was never part of the series' mythos. 

"Target" is wrong on the basis that, unless specified, questions 
refer to the TV series only. 

2. Name a three-word story title which amounts to a concrete 
noun-phrase describing a person or thing seen in the story. 
(Definitions: a noun-phrase is one or more words which together 
function as a noun, such as "long scarf". A concrete noun is one 
referring to a physical object, such as a scarf, rather than something 
intangible like an idea.) 

5 The Space Museum 
3 The Deadly Assassin (i.e. The Master) 
2 An Unearthly Child (i.e. Susan) 
2 The Celestial Toymaker 
2 The Leisure Hive 
1 Planet of Giants (i.e. Earth) 
1 The Empty Child (i.e. Jamie) 
1 The Idiot's Lantern (i.e. a television set) 
1 The Invisible Enemy (i.e. the prawn) 
1 The Mysterious Planet (i.e. Earth) 
1 The Pirate Planet 
1 The Time Meddler (i.e. The Monk) 
2 The King's Demons (plural) 
2 The Space Pirates (plural) 
2 The Two Doctors (plural) 
2 The War Machines (plural) 
1 Arc of Infinity (abstract) 
1 Carnival of Monsters (abstract) 
1 The Hand of Fear (4 words) 
1 The Happiness Patrol (abstract) 
1 The Ice Warriors (plural) 
1 The Indestructible Man (books not included) 
1 The Sun Makers (plural) 
1 The Three Doctors (plural) 
1 The Underwater Menace (abstract) 

This question received more different wrong answers than any other DWRE 
question! Apparently, some people stopped reading after 
"noun-phrase" and failed to spot that I had specified "a person 
or thing" - singular! Some also ignored the importance of the word 
"concrete" and submitted abstract nouns such as "The Happiness 
Patrol" or "Arc of Infinity". Somehow, "The Space Museum" 
emerged as the top answer. 

To justify some of these "abstract" rulings: 
- A "patrol" is a group of people, plus a set of protocols, 
organisational structures and so on - especially in the context of 
this story. 
- "The Arc of Infinity" is a region of space, hardly a concrete 
- As far as I can tell, "The Underwater Menace" does not refer 
explicitly to Zaroff or any other person or object featured in that 
story (unlike "An Unearthly Child" or "The Celestial Toymaker" 
for example). 

"The Idiot's Lantern" gave me pause as I didn't think the title 
referred to any particular television set, but to the idea of 
television sets in general. However, I ultimately decided that since 
the title referred to television sets and there was at least one in the 
story, then it was a correct answer. 

Many correct answers were not given including City of Death (i.e. 
Paris), The Web Planet (i.e. Vortis), The Tenth Planet (i.e. Mondas), 
The Mind Robber (i.e. The Master), The Time Monster (i.e. Kronos), The 
Ultimate Foe (i.e. The Valeyard), The Satan Pit and others. If the 
question was too complicated, I apologise. 

3. Give a nickname that one Doctor Who character has used for another. 

6 Duchess (Ben to Polly) 
6 Professor (Ace to The Doctor) 
2 Doughnut (Ace to Mel) 
2 Old Girl (Harry to Sarah) 
2 Ricky (Doctor to Mickey) 
1 Bilgebag (Ace for Glitz) 
1 Brickyard (Doctor for Valeyard) 
1 Charlie (Doctor to Dickens) 
1 Chunky (various to Group Capt Gilmore) 
1 Jacks (Pete to Jackie) 
1 Jumping Jack Flash (Mickey to Captain Jack) 
1 Mickey the Idiot (Doctor for Mickey) 
1 My Little Father (Nicolas Muss to Admiral de Coligny) 
1 Old Thing (Harry to Sarah) 
1 Romana (Doctor for Romanadvoratrelundar) 
1 Savage (Doctor for Leela) 
1 Sawbones (Capt Pike for the Doctor) 
1 Sprog (Glitz for Ace) 
1 Theta Sigma (Drax for the Doctor) 
1 Chesterfield (not a nickname) 
1 Dandy (not a nickname) 
1 Hairy legged highlander (description) 
1 Jackanapes (not a nickname) 
1 No answer given 
1 Toerag (insult) 

Lots of Duchesses and Professors here, but some dug a little deeper. 

My dictionary does define nicknames to include short versions of names 
("Jacks", "Romana") but not mere descriptions 
("Jackanapes", "Dandy"), insults ("Toerag") or 
mispronunciations ("Chesterfield"). "Bilgebag" I gave the 
benefit of the doubt to; although basically an insult, when Ace says 
it, I think it just about rises to the level of nickname. 

"Savage" was such a common term of address for Leela, that although 
it may have begun life as a description, I think by the time The Doctor 
says "I'll miss you too, savage," at the end of The Invasion of 
Time, it has become a nickname. "Brickyard" is a variation on a 
true title, an insult and just barely a nickname as well (one of the 
more tiresome aspects of The Trial of a Time Lord, but that's neither 
here nor there). 

"Romana" I thought was a particularly clever answer! 

4. Name an alien race played (at least at times) by performers in 
costumes where those costumes have always been designed to completely 
conceal the performer within. 

4 Fomasi 
4 Monoids 
3 Daleks 
2 Gel Guards 
2 Mandrils 
2 Voord 
2 Wirrn 
1 Arcturans 
1 Axons 
1 Exxilons 
1 Fendahl 
1 Gastropods 
1 Krotons 
1 Mogarians 
1 Plasmatons 
1 Rills 
1 Sensorites 
1 Spiridons 
1 Tractators 
1 Tythonian 
2 Quarks (not a race) 
1 Menoptra (actor's mouth visible) 
1 Ogrons (actor's eyes visible) 
1 Silurians (not alien) 
1 Yeti (not a race) 

My trap here was that some popular monsters have allowed for glimpses 
of human actors inside: the original Cybermen had human hands, Kevin 
Linday's tongue and eyes are seen in The Time Warrior, but nobody 
fell for that. Accidental glimpses of actors (through the mesh at the 
"neck" of a Dalek for example) doesn't alter the fact that the 
costumes were designed to completely conceal the actor inside. 

Instead, we get to argue about what is and is not a race. In my book, 
robots are not a race. That rules out the Quarks and the Yeti - 
sorry. The Krotons just about qualify as a race of robots (like the 
Movellans). They are not tools used and built by another race and so 
qualify for race-hood in their own right. 

Amusingly, Quarks were wrong answers to two different questions, for 
two different reasons. 

5. Name an actor who has appeared in speaking, credited roles (and not 
just as a voice) in four or more separate stories and who has played 
two or more different characters. 

6 Colin Baker 
3 Peter Purves 
3 Jacqueline Hill 
3 Michael Sheard 
3 Peter Halliday 
2 Michael Wisher 
2 Patrick Troughton 
2 Prentis Hancock 
2 William Hartnell 
1 Nicholas Courtney 
1 Anthony Ainley 
1 Bernard Horsfall 
1 Caroline John 
1 Cyril Shaps 
1 Graham Leaman 
1 John Abineri 
1 Lalla Ward 
1 Philip Madoc 
1 Roy Skelton 
1 Sonny Caldinez 
1 Stuart Fell (not speaking parts) 

A goof on my part. This question includes regular actors who also 
played other parts, which means a handy list of right answers can be 
found in an earlier DWRE where I asked you for doubles of regular 

In fact, not all of these were used, but Hartnell and Troughton make 
the list on that basis. Other regulars who also played other characters 
include Colin Baker (Maxil and the top answer by a long way), 
Jacqueline Hill (Lexa), Peter Purves (Morton Dill), Anthony Ainley 
(Tremas) and Nicholas Courtney (Bret Vyon). And there are of course 
actors who have notched up four appearances in different roles: Michael 
Wisher, Michael Sheard and Peter Halliday being popular choices. 

6. Name a character who appeared in exactly one episode of a 
multi-episode Doctor Who story, and who did not die in that episode. 

3 Amazonia (The Curse of Peladon 4) 
2 Dodo (The Massacre 4) 
2 Harvey (Survival 1) 
2 Len (Survival 1) 
2 Mrs Harcourt (The Doctor Dances) 
1 Abraham Lincoln (The Chase 1) 
1 Dr Beavis (Spearhead from Space 2) 
1 Draconian Emperor (Frontier in Space 5) 
1 Empress (Marco Polo 7) 
1 Garge (Daleks Masterplan 3) 
1 Griffin (The Enemy of the World 3) 
1 Ingmar Kopf (Dalek Masterplan 7) 
1 John (Remembrance of the Daleks 2) 
1 Morton Dill ([i]The Chase[i] 3) 
1 Napoleon (The Reign of Terror 6) 
1 Roald (The Daleks' Master Plan 1) 
1 Sir Lancelot (The Mind Robber 5) 
1 The Investigator (The Mutants 6) 
1 The Marshall (The Sontaran Experiment 2) 
1 The Master (Caves of Androzani 4) 
1 Trevor (Dalek Masterplan 8) 
2 Art Gallery Visitor (City of Death 4) (not named) 
1 Circus Strong Man (Terror of the Autons 2) (not named) 
1 Head of Security (not named) 
1 Jamie 
1 Louvre Guide (City of Death 1 and 3) (and not named) 
1 Professor Horner (The Daemons 1) (dies) 
1 Skinhead (Silver Nemesis 3) (not named) 
1 The Bride (Doomsday) (not named) 
1 Time Lord (Genesis of the Daleks 1) (not named) 
1 Time Lord (Terror of the Autons 1) 

Here your choice tended to be between guest appearances (Harvey and Len 
in Survival) and last-minute appearances (Dodo, Amazonia). However, 
since I said "name a character", your character had to have a name. 
I have accepted forms of address like "Empress" and "Marshall" 
but if a character is not given any form of address at all, it's a 
wrong answer, so bye-bye John Cleese and Eleanor Bron and farewell to 
two nameless Time Lords and quite a handful of others. Your character 
also had not to die, unlike Professor Horner who is frozen to death at 
the end of the first episode of The Daemons. 

Worst answer here was the Louvre Guide who is not named and appears in 
more than one episode of City of Death and so is wrong on two counts; 
you still get the same penalty score though. 

7. Name anything belonging to or associated with the Time Lords whose 
name follows the pattern "The [BLANK] of [BLANK]". 

7 The Sash of Rassilon 
4 The Coronet of Rassilon 
4 The Game of Rassilon 
4 The Rod of Rassilon 
3 The Tomb of Rassilon 
2 The Constellation of Kasterborous 
2 The Seal of Rassilon 
1 The Arc of Infinity 
1 The Eye of Harmony 
1 The Harp of Rassilon 
1 The Laws of Gallifrey 
1 The Staff of Rassilon 
1 The Wisdom of Rassilon 
2 The Black Scrolls of Rassilon (does not fit pattern) 
2 The Great Key of Rassilon (does not fit pattern) 
1 The Hand of Fear (Kastrian) 
1 The Keeper of the Matrix (does not fit pattern) 

Style points (but no actual points) if you avoided the The Five Doctors 
drinking game by picking an answer which did not include the word 
"Rassilon". Penalty points if your answer is in the form "The 
[BLANK] [BLANK] of [BLANK]" or some other such variation. Why the 
Sash is the most popular answer (by some margin) I have no idea. 

There is some confusion over which object is The Great Key of Rassilon, 
which is The Key of Rassilon and which is The Rod of Rassilon. For the 
purposes of this quiz, the first of these is a wrong answer, but the 
other two are correct - regardless of which objects they refer to. 

Abstractions such as "The Wisdom of Rassilon" were allowed, 
provided they were actually referred to in dialogue. 

8. Name a woman who has written or directed an episode of "Doctor Who" 

7 Sarah Hellings (Mark of the Rani) 
5 Barbara Clegg (Enlightenment) 
5 Fiona Cumming (Castrovalva etc) 
5 Mary Ridge (Terminus) 
4 Julia Smith (The Underwater Menace) 
4 Paddy Russell (Fang Rock etc) 
3 Rona Munro (Survival) 
2 Jane Baker (Mark of the Rani etc) 
2 Lesley Scott (The Ark) 
1 Paula Moore (Attack of the Cybermen) 

All right answers were given and the distribution was fairly flat. Draw 
your own conclusions from the fact that there exist only ten correct 
answers. Co-writers were permitted (or they'd only be eight correct 
answers) as are people whose actual contribution to the writing of a 
story is in doubt - as long as they received a credit. 

9. Name a story which featured the return appearance of a character not 
otherwise seen during that story's season or the previous season. 

6 The Monster of Peladon (Alpha Centauri) 
5 Survival (The Master) 
5 Time and the Rani (The Rani) 
4 Battlefield (The Brigadier) 
4 Destiny of the Daleks (Davros) 
3 Arc of Infinity (Omega) 
3 Enlightenment (White Guardian) 
2 Mawdryn Undead (Brigadier) 
2 The Two Doctors (Jamie) 
1 Attack of the Cybermen (Cybercontroller) 
1 Resurrection of the Daleks (Davros) 
1 The Invasion of Time (Borusa) 
1 Dalek Emperor (different character) 

Right answers not given include The Five Doctors, School Reunion, and 
Caves of Androzani, and arguably Logopolis (flashbacks to past 

I am fairly convinced that The Dalek Emperor in The Parting of the Ways 
is not the one seen to be destroyed in The Evil of the Daleks unless 
anyone else knows different. However, I know from DWRE1 that the 
Cybercontroller in Attack is the same as the one in Tomb despite their 
different appearances. 

My thanks to all those who entered. DWRE6 will follow in the next few 




Circus strongman: He is indeed called Tony, however my ruling STANDS 
since the entrant was required to "name" a character and failed to do 
that (despite the fact that the character in question did have a name).

The Invasion of Time: Clearly a goof on my part, I have no idea why I 
marked this one correct. My ruling is REVERSED.

Paula Moore: receives the writing credit on Attack. Since the scope of 
this question was not widened to include matters not referred to 
onscreen, no other information is applicable. My bet is that Lesley 
Scott didn't have a whole lot to do with writing The Ark either, but 
Ian Levine isn't claiming the credit for that one, so it's less 
frequently discussed. My ruling STANDS.

Quarks: Yes, this is a marginal call, but I stand by it. Yeti are iconic 
monsters who returned to the series twice (a feat only bettered by 
Cybermen, Daleks, Ice Warriors and Sontarans, and only equalled by the 
Autons iirc). Omega is a key figure in Time Lord society who made his 
debut in an "event" story, was a recurring villain and was referenced 
again throughout Remembrance of the Daleks. "Quarks" just don't cut the 
mustard. My ruling STANDS.

Other issues...

I'd rather not say whether certain answers would have been correct or not, 
but I think I would have accepted "Ace" and "Planet of Fire" without 
much thought.

> That question about naming someone who has "been in exactly one episode 
> of a multi-episode story" I took literally,as I've been penalised in the 
> past for not taking questions literally enough (eg plurals, named 
> characters, etc). So I'd have thought characters like the Master or Dodo 
> wouldn't count as they appeared in more than "exactly one episode" over 
> the course of the series as a whole. 

Read the question again. "Exactly one episode of a multi-episode story" 
is not the same thing as "Exactly one episode of the whole series from An 
Unearthly Child to Doomsday. You weren't being literal enough!

This was my reply to Bazza in rec.arts.drwho, before I saw snacky's posting:

> Sorry, bazza, that's not the way it works. You don't get to jump to a conclusion
> - or worse make some stuff up - and say "it's not contradicted in the series, 
> so it's a right answer". Your answer has got to be unambiguously supported in 
> the series. Is it possible the two Dalek Emperors are one and the same? Yes, 
> but it's nowhere stated. On the other hand, both got destroyed, they look 
> completely different, the Daleks relate to them differently and "Emperor" is 
> a title that could be passed from Dalek to Dalek. Your score remains unchanged.  

After all this, therefore, the only change is that "James Christie" drops from 
4th to 14th - sorry, mate!

Sorry for my absence during the debating process. I have just returned from 
Edinburgh visiting my wife whose show "Deborah Frances-White is Phoning It In", 
I heartily endorse (Baby Belly 3, 7:15pm). I also bumped into fellow OG denizen 
and DWRE1 winner Toby Hadoke whose show "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf" is just
next door in Baby Belly 2. Alas, Toby's show is at 7:45pm so I couldn't see both, 
but I'll be back and hope to catch it then.

DWRE6 will probably be in about a week's, as I'm back in Edinburgh next weekend 
and have a murderously busy week between now and then.