Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests

DWRE2: 12 June 2006


These are the results of the second Doctor Who Rare Entries Contest. 
Once again, my thanks to Mark Brader, rec.puzzles King of Rare Entries 
Contests, as well as to all the entrants. 

There were 29 entrants, down on the 42 for DWRE1, but still a decent 
number. And the winner is... NathanTheWhovian - who took the hard 
road by including a wrong answer, but nevertheless ended up with a very 
admirable 576. Second was Rob_C with 1728 and JesseS is just a few 
points behind in third, up from fifth place last time. Here are their 
answers (use a monospaced font for proper tabular alignment - this 
probably means doing "view source"). 

     NATHANTHEWHOVIAN       ROB_C                  JESSES 

0    Feet                   Hopscotch              Miles 
1    Gulliver/A Stranger    Davros/Emperor Dalek   Reporter/Newsreader 
2    [WRONG]                Masque of Mandragora   The Silurians 
3    Omega                  Ann Talbot             Princess Strella 
4    Enemy of the World     The Daemons            The Twin Dilemma 
5    Bernard Horsfall dies  Features Elgin         Features Runcible 
6    The Nemesis Statue     Ganymede Driver        Reacting vibrator 
7    Mal Young              John Nathan-Turner     Phil Collinson 
8    Mrs Bradley Mysteries  Jonathan Creek         The Bill 
9    William Hartnell *     Colin Baker            Colin Baker 

To review the scoring: 

The scores on the different questions are MULTIPLIED to produce a final 
score for each entrant. Low score wins; a perfect score is 1. If your 
answer to a question is correct, then your score is the number of 
people who gave that answer, or an answer I consider equivalent. A 
wrong answer, or a skipped question, gets a high score as a penalty. 
This is the median of: 
- the number of entrants 
- the square root of that number, rounded up to an integer 
- double the largest number of entrants giving the same answer (right 
or wrong) as each other on the question 

Here is the complete table of scores. 

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 

 1         576    Nathanthewhovian     2  1 WR  2  4  1  1  1  1  3 
 2       1,728    Rob_C                9  1  1  2  2  1  2  2  3  4 
 3       1,792    JesseS               1  1  4  4  1  2  2  7  1  4 
 4       2,016    wilf                 2  3  6  2  1  1  1  7  2  2 
 5       3,072    Darkstar             4  2  2  2  4  2 WR  1  1  2 
 6       4,320    Simon Kinnear        9  4  2  2  1  1  1  2  3  5 
 7       4,704    Luke Curtis          7  1  4  1  2  1  1  7  3  4 
 8       9,600    Marnok               4  5  1 WR  1  1  1  2  3  5 
 9      10,368    solar.penguin        9  2  4  1  1  1  1  6  6  4 
10      10,752    btn                  7  1  2 WR  2  1  1  2  3  4 
 =      10,752    Fortmap              7  4  2  8  1  1  2  1  3  4 
12      12,096    chriskelk            9  2  1  2  2 WR  1  7  1  3 
13      13,824    Jonathan Morris      2  3  1 WR  2 WR  1  1  3  3 
14      15,360    cols123              1 WR  1 WR  1  1  2  6  2  4 
15      18,432    genesisrockz         4  1  6  8  2  1  2  2  6  2 
16      21,504    Cyril Washbrook      7  4  2  8  2  1  2  2  2  3 
17      23,040    John Dorney          2  3  1  8  4  1  2  2  6  5 
18      32,256    Robot Porter         9  4  1  4  2  4  1  7  2  2 
19      33,600    Trevor Gensch        7  5  1  1  4  2  2  2  6  5 
20      40,320    Beyondthevoid        9  5  2  8  1  1  1  7  2  4 
21      55,296    Neil Toynay          9  1  4  8 WR  1 WR  2  1  2 
22      61,440    Paul B Arthur        2 WR  2 WR  1  2  2  6  1  4 
23     141,120    alboreto             7  5  6 WR  1  1  2  7  1  3 
24     184,320    sontaran             2 WR  6  4 WR  1  1  2  6  4 
25     491,520    Aloysious            1 WR  2  8 WR  4  2  2 WR  2 
26     497,664    yohinnchild          9  2  6 WR  2  1  2  6  3  4 
27     921,600    Professor            4 WR  6  8  2  4  1  2  6  5 
28     967,680    Andrew Lowrie        7  5 WR  4  2  4  1  6  3  4 
29   4,976,640    artyclarty           9 WR  1 WR  2 WR WR  6  2  3 

Here is the complete list of answers given.  Each list shows correct 
answers in the order worst to best (most to least popular).  >>> 
indicates that the "more specific variant" scoring was used. 

Early in the contest, a couple of oafs posted answers in public news 
groups. Worse, others attempted to score these answers. I doubt that 
either of these actions has skewed the results much, but where news 
group answers have also been given by other entrants, they have been 
indicated. A * indicates the answer given by "Keith Morby" and a ~ 
indicates the answer given by "Lio Convoy". 

0. Give a word which refers to something Venusian mentioned by any 
character or seen on-screen. In other words, if mention is made of 
"Venusian Artichokes" in The Terror of Evil, then "Artichokes" 
would be a correct answer. 

9    Hopscotch 
7    Lullaby 
4    Aikido * 
2    Shanghorn 
2    Feet 
2    Seas 
1    Karate 
1    Ouja 
1    Miles 

Hopscotch and Lullaby were the clear favourites here, in fact 
"Hopscotch" was the worst correct answer in DWRE2! I would also 
have accepted "eyes" or "eye" since the lullaby referred to 
means "close your eyes my darling, well three of them at least". 
"Venusian Ouja" I think is Benton referring to the Doctor's 
exotic martial arts in a faintly sarcastic manner, and I was tempted to 
rule this one wrong since it is likely a misnomer. However I think this 
answer is correct, given the wording of the second sentence of my 
question. The "Seas" are the Metal Seas of Venus mentioned by Susan 
in Marco Polo. While not fitting the template "Venusian xxx", this 
is still a correct answer. 

Note that entrants were asked to supply "a word" and yet many 
submitted answers in the form "Venusian xxx". See question 3 for 
more on this issue. 

1. Identify a character referred to by two or more different names in 
the closing credits. Answers referring to the same character will be 
treated as equivalent. "Different names" means more different than 
a simple re-rendering of the same name. 

5    The Master (Castrovalva, Time-Flight, et al) 
4    Bennett / Koquillion (The Rescue) 
3    George Cranleigh / The Unknown (Black Orchid) 
2    The Doctor 
2    Omega / The Renegade (Arc of Infinity) 
1    Kamelion / King John (The King's Demons) 
1    Davros / Emperor Dalek (Remembrance of the Daleks) 
1    K'anpo Rimpoche / Cho-Je (Planet of the Spiders) 
1    Reporter / Newsreader (Aliens of London / The Christmas Invasion) 
1    Weng-Chiang / Magnus Greel (The Talons of Weng-Chiang) 
1    Hallett / Grenville / Enzu (Terror of the Vervoids) 
1    Gulliver / A Stranger (The Mind Robber) 
2    Corporal Benton / Sgt Benton / RSM Benton (no change in name) 
1    The Brigadier / Brigade Leader (different characters, no change in 
1    Vivien Fay / Cessair of Diplos (only credited as Fay) 
1    Edgeworth / Azmael (only credited as Edgeworth) 
1    Melkur / The Master (Melkur was the Master's Tardis) 

Apparently, the second sentence of this question prompted some 
headscratching, but I don't know how I could have made it any 
clearer. I didn't wish to mark, for example, "Bennett" and 
"Koquillion" as separate answers, since they both refer to the same 
character. Thus, if two people answer "Bennett" and three people 
answer "Koquillion", they should each get five points. Hence: 
"Answers referring to the same character will be treated as 

I have not been able to check this, but I don't believe that "James 
Stoker as Sir Gilles Estram" was seen in the end-credits of The 
King's Demons (only in the Radio Times), but this does not make 
"The Master / Gilles Estram" a wrong answer, since the character 
referred to is The Master, and he certainly has also been credited as 
Kalid and Portreeve, to name but two. Any answer referring to The 
Master was a correct answer - in fact, they were all the same correct 
answer. On this basis "George Crangleigh / The Shape" was marked 
correct, and equivalent to the, more accurate answer, "George 
Cranleigh / The Unknown". Melkur, however, was never a name used by 
The Master, and so this answer is wrong. 

"The Doctor" is just about a correct answer, having been referred 
to as "The Doctor", "Doctor Who" and (in the TV Movie) "Old 
Doctor". However, in general, changes of title or rank only were not 
sufficient. Gulliver is credited as "A Stranger" in episode one of 
The Mind Robber and Hallett is named as both "Grenville" and 
"Enzu" in the titles of Terror of the Vervoids. Susan Engel 
however, is only credited as Vivien Fay in The Stones of Blood, and 
similarly Maurice Denham is only credited as playing "Edgeworth". 

I was very tempted to rule K'anpo Rimpoche / Cho-Je wrong on the 
basis that they may be the same person, but they are clearly different 
characters, but on reflection decided that - while such a definition 
of character may be defensible - it wasn't fair to rely on it where 
it hadn't been specified in the question. 

The * answer appeared to be two answers to question 3 (I have no idea 
why) and the ~ answer was "Sarah Jane Smith / Sarah Smith" which is 

2. Name a story which features no alien characters other than The 

6    The Highlanders 
4    Doctor Who and the Silurians 
2    The Smugglers 
2    The Myth Makers 
2    The War Machines 
2    Invasion of the Dinosaurs 
1    Black Orchid 
1    The Space Pirates 
1    The Reign of Terror 
1    The Masque of Mandragora 
1    Robot ~ 
1    Father's Day 
1    Marco Polo 
1    The Enemy of the World 
1    The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances 
1    The Green Death (Metebelis III) 
1    The Sea Devils (The Master) 

The "obvious" answer here is a 60s historical and nobody was 
foolish enough to suggest one featuring Susan. Many people thought that 
they'd be sneaky and pick a Pertwee story with earthly monsters, 
hence a strong showing for The Silurians. Of course, you have to steer 
clear of The Master if you're going to do that. 

The Reapers escape definition as characters and so Father's Day 
scrapes in, but the spear-chucking natives of Metebelis III discount 
The Green Death, I'm afraid. 

The * answer was The Edge of Destruction (wrong). 

Correct answers that were not given include The Romans, The Crusade, 
The Massacre, The Gunfighters, The Underwater Menace, Spearhead from 
Space, The Girl in the Fireplace (just about) and Rise of the Cybermen 
/ The Age of Steel (unless you want to argue that alternate Earth is an 
alien planet). I don't think that any Sixth or Seventh Doctor stories 
qualify. Why The Highlanders did so "well", with all these others 
to choose from, I cannot say. 

Interestingly, The Enemy of the World, which turned out to be a poor 
answer (or the basis for a poor answer) to questions 3 and 4, was a 
great answer to this question. Alas, the one entrant who submitted it 
also used it for 3 and 4! 

3. Some regular or recurring characters have met their identical 
doubles. Name one of these doubles. 

8    Salamander 
4    Princess Strella 
2    Ricky Smith 
2    Ann Talbot 
2    Omega 
1    Kamelion 
1    Marius's cloned Doctor 
1    The Abbot of Amboise 
3    Romana / Princess Strella 
1    Jo Grant (herself, not a double) 
1    Mickey / Ricky 
1    Nyssa / Ann 
1    Jo Grant (it's her, not a double) 
1    Vicki (herself, not a double) 

This was the possibly the hardest question to mark fairly. Entrants 
were asked to name the double of a regular character. Hence "Ann 
Talbot" is a correct answer, but "Nyssa" is not. How then am I to 
mark someone who submits the answer "Nyssa / Ann"? Rule 3 provides 
the answer: "...alternate answers within an entry will not be 
accepted. Only the first answer that you intentionally submit 
counts." Ergo "Nyssa / Ann" is taken to mean "Nyssa" and is 
therefore wrong, whereas "Ann Talbot / Nyssa" is taken to mean 
"Ann Talbot" which is correct. This affected five entrants. 

This strict interpretation of rule 3 did also create a correct answer 
to question 1! The entrant who submitted "Doctor Who/ Salemander (in 
Enemy of the World)" was deemed to have answered "The Doctor", 
which is a correct answer, albeit likely not for the reasons the 
entrant may have intended. In the interests of fairness, however, I 
think I need to avoid trying to guess reasons or intentions and simply 
go by what is written. I am considering highlighting this rule further 
for DWRE3 and would be interested to hear views. 

Less controversially (I hope), Jo Grant is a wrong answer since she saw 
herself, not her double, in Day of the Daleks and the same is true of 
Vicki in The Space Museum. If I let these in, I might have to accept 
any character who looked in a mirror! 

Correct answers not given include Meglos, Robot Doctor Who, Android 
Doctor, Android Sarah, and (at a push) Xoanon. You never know, on a 
good day I might even have marked "Maxil" and "Princess Astra" 
correct, but nobody tried me. Doubles of the Fifth Doctor and Peri were 
created by Sharaz Jek, but they never "met" their flesh-and-blood 
counterparts (as far as we know). 

Presumably question 3 and 4 reinforced each other which explains why 
eight people went for Salamander and only 1 for The Abbot. Or maybe 
this is because one episode of Troughton's performance is still in 
existence and nothing remains of Hartnell's dual role. The absence of 
Meglos I did find suprising, as the "Prickly Tom" photo was 
everywhere in the early 80s. A waxwork version was even in Madame 
Tussaud's for a while. 

The * answer was "The Docdtor - Android double Android Invasion" 
which was "rule 3 wrong" and the ~ answer was "Brigadier" which 
is just plain old-fashioned "wrong" wrong (although he did meet a 
younger/older version of himself). 

4. Name a Target novelisation of a "Doctor Who" story written 
neither by Terrance Dicks, nor the original, credited author of the 
televised story on which it was based. 

4    The Enemy of the World (book Ian Marter, script David Whitaker) 
2    The Seeds of Doom ~ (book Philip Hinchcliffe, script Robert Banks 
2    The Reign of Terror (book Ian Marter, script Dennis Spooner) 
2    The Green Death (book Malcolm Hulke, script Robert Sloman) 
2    The Daemons (book Barry Letts, script "Guy Leopold" = Letts 
and Robert Sloman) 
2    The Ark in Space * (book Ian Marter, script Robert Holmes) 
2    The Edge of Destruction (book Nigel Robinson, script David 
1    The Sontaran Experiment (book Ian Marter, script Bob Baker and 
Dave Martin) 
1    The Celestial Toymaker (book Gerry Davis and Alison Bingeman, 
script Brian Hayles) 
1    The Power of the Daleks (book John Peel, script David Whitaker) 
1    The Chase (book John Peel, script Terry Nation) 
1    The Sensorites (book Nigel Robinson, script Peter R Newman) 
1    The Romans (book Donald Cotton, script Dennis Spooner) 
1    The Twin Dilemma (book Eric Saward, script Anthony Steven) 
1    The Ribos Operation (book Ian Marter, script Robert Holmes) 
1    Earthshock (book Ian Marter, script Eric Saward) 
1    The Keys of Marinus (book Philip Hinchcliffe, script Terry Nation) 
2    Warriors' Gate (same author) 
1    Terminus (same author) 

Lots of Ian Marter, Philip Hinchcliffe and Nigel Robinson fun to be had 
here. The Enemy of The World effect is still making itself felt - 
it's the only answer here which scores worse than 2. The Daemons is 
borderline, since Guy Leopold is a pseudonym for Barry Letts and Robert 
Sloman, and Letts wrote the book, but I eventually decided that 
"Letts and Sloman" was a different author from "Letts" and let 
it through. Stephen Gallagher fans don't have it so easy though: 
Gallagher wrote scripts and novels for Warriors' Gate and Terminus. 
That he used a pseudonym for the novels doesn't change the fact that 
the novels were written by the original credited author of the 
televised story. I think all the rest are uncontroversial. 

Correct answers not given include The Daleks, Attack of the Cybermen, 
The Dominators, The Invasion, Mission to the Unknown, The Mutation of 
Time, The Underwater Menace, The Masque of Mandragora and Battlefield 
(which I thought would be a popular answer). 

5. Name one unique feature of The Deadly Assassin. Your answer should 
complete the sentence: "It is the only story which..." 

4    Has Peter Pratt playing The Master 
2    Features Runcible / a character named Runcible 
2    Opens with scrolling text 
2    Had its first episode premiered on 30 October 
      >>>      1    Was shown on BBC1 between 30th October 1976 and 
20th November 1976 
1    Has the Doctor getting his foot trapped in narrow-guage railway 
points at the end of episode two 
1    The Doctor's foot is caught in virtual railway tracks 
1    Has two cliffhangers end on a freeze frame 
1    Features a miniature railway as a weapon 
1    Borusa is a Cardinal 
1    Features the earliest incarnation of Borusa 
1    Starts with a voice over by Tom Baker 
1    Features on-screen death of Bernard Horsfall 
1    Featured the Doctor with no companions *~ 
1    Contains 'Deadly' and 'Assassin' in title 
1    Informs us that vaporisation without representation is against the 
1    Censored by BBC after complaint from Mary Whitehouse 
1    Has the production code 4P 
1    Has Joan Ellacott doing the costumes 
1    We don't see the eyes of the actor playing The Master 
1    Features co-ordinator Elgin 
1    Starts with a voice over (TVM) 
1    Has no on-screen female characters (Mission to the Unknown) 
1    No female actor appears on-screen (Mission to the Unknown) 

This was partly a test of entrants' ingenuity, since with a bit of 
thought it should be possible to dredge up an obscure unique feature of 
almost any story, and for a long time the answers here were very 
"flat", but there was a sudden rush of support for Peter Pratt in 
the final hours. 

There were some other collisions. Both * and ~ answers were "The 
Doctor and no companions", which was duplicated by a third entrant. 
Scrolling text, voice-overs and railway tracks also featured a lot. The 
three "railway track" entrants just managed to separate themselves 
from each other; any closer and we'd have at least been in "more 
specific variant" territory. One entrant's answer read "It is the 
only story which in the original TV series, starts with a voice 
over". If this was an attempt to exclude the TV Movie (which also 
starts with a voice over), then it was not successful. Many entrants 
failed to adhere to the instruction to complete the sentence "It is 
the only story which..." but in general this was not enough to earn a 
wrong answer penalty. 

Alas, "...has no on-screen female characters" is wrong on two 
counts. Helen Blatch provides the computer voice, but even if you 
don't count that as "on-screen", Mission to the Unknown has no 
female characters either. 

6. Name a fictional device, self-contained and serving a particular 
purpose (rather than a component of something larger), which has been 
seen in The Doctor's possession. 

2    Ganame Driver = Ganymede Driver (The Hand of Fear) 
2    Sonic screwdriver * 
2    Etheric Beam Locator (Genesis of the Daleks) 
2    Stattenheim Remote Control (The Two Doctors) 
2    Reacting vibrator (The Savages) 
2    Rhondium Sensor (The Time Warrior) 
1    Tribophysical waveform macrokinetic extrapolator (Boom Town) 
1    The Whomobile (Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Planet of the Spiders) 
1    Galactic Glitter (Brain of Morbius) 
1    Psychic Paper 
1    The Isoptope (The Web Planet) 
1    Sonic lance (ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN) 
1    Delta wave augmenter (Kinda) 
1    Matter converter gun (Arc of Infinity) 
1    Nanogenes (The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances) 
1    Time Sensor (The Time Monster) 
1    Deep Healing Beam (The Twin Dilemma) 
1    The Nemesis Statue (Silver Nemesis) 
1    Travel Dials (Keys of Marinus) 
1    Tardis key 
2    Blue crystal (not a device) 
1    A galactic passport (not a device) 

As one entrant commented, this all hinges on what is and is not a 
"device" and what is and is not "possession". After some 
thought, I decided that the Nemesis Statue has been in the Doctor's 
possession (he does program it, after all), and that a Galactic Glitter 
was a "device" (it's also fictional - there is no such firework 
- or it would have been judged wrong on that score). However neither 
a crystal nor a passport really make the grade. The nanogenes just 
squeak in - they are at least technological. Recently released 
Genesis of the Daleks and recently referenced The Hand of Fear were 
fertile sources for inspiration. The ~ answer was K9, which would have 
been correct. I was surprised at the number of 2 scores to this 
question. There must be a couple of hundred correct answers!! 

7. Name one of the producers of "Doctor Who". 

7    Phil Collinson 
6    Innes Lloyd 
2    Peter V Ware 
2    Graham Williams 
2    Philip Hinchcliffe 
2    Barry Letts 
2    Derrick Sherwin 
2    John Nathan-Turner 
1    Mal Young 
1    Philip Segal 
1    Peter Bryant 
1    Verity Lambert * 

I only specified producer, not someone carrying the exact title of 
"Producer", so Executive Producers and the like were all fair game, 
although few took advantage of this. Peter V Ware was a producer on the 
TV Movie and Mal Young was the BBC Executive who got an Executive 
Producer credit on Series One (2005). 

In a reverse of the pattern in DWRE1 - where the Russell T Davies 
Doctors were not given as answers by anyone - Phil Collinson is the 
most popular answer, although Julie Gardner is absent entirely. Innes 
Lloyd, evidently an archetypal obscure producer is in second, with 
no-one else scoring worse than 2. John Wiles, Verity Lambert's 
successor, was not named by anyone, nor was Alex Beaton who took a 
producer credit on the TV Movie. 

The ~ answer was "Russell T Davis" which, despite the misspelling, 
would have been correct. The * answer was to name 12 individuals who 
have held that post, in chronological order. This would have been taken 
to mean "Verity Lambert". 

8. Name a television drama or comedy programme, transmitted in the UK 
on a mainstream channel prior to the first posting of this competition, 
which has, over the course of its run, featured at least two of the 10 
official actors to have played The Doctor in credited, speaking roles. 

6    Doctor Who 
3    Hollyoaks (C Baker, McCoy) 
3    Jonathan Creek (Davison, C Baker) 
3    The Goodies (Troughton, Pertwee) 
2    Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (T Baker, Tennant) 
2    Z-Cars (Troughton, T Baker) 
2    All Creatures Great and Small (Davison, Troughton) ~ 
1    Rab C Nesbitt (McCoy, Tennant) 
1    The Bill (McCoy, Tennant) 
1    Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Pertwee, C Baker) 
1    Casualty (C Baker, McCoy) 
1    Softly, Softly (Hartnell, Troughton) 
1    Swallows and Amazons Forever 
1    Mrs Bradley Mysteries (Davison, Tennant) 
1    This is Your Life (not a drama or comedy) 

Yes "Doctor Who" was a correct answer, in fact it was the trap 
answer, snaring six entrants. 

I researched this question before the contest began, and so most 
answers were easy to mark. One exception was "The Young Indiana Jones 
Chronicles". This show completed its run with a series of one-off TV 
movies, one of which was called "Attack of the Hawkmen" and 
featured Jon Pertwee (Colin Baker had appeared in one of the regular 
hour-long episodes). As this film was never shown on a mainstream 
channel in the UK, and as reference works differ as to whether it is 
part of the series or not, I initially disallowed it. However, the 
entrant pointed out that the wording of my question doesn't require 
the specific episode(s) featuring the Official Ten to have been 
broadcast in the UK, and so I have - grudgingly - allowed it. 

The * answer was "Does 'Withnail and I' count?" No, it 

Correct answers not given included Inspector Morse, Play for Today, 
Poirot, The Flying Doctor(!), Thirty Minute Theatre and Warship. No, 
you look them up. ;-) 

9. Name one of the ten actors who have officially played The Doctor. 

5    Patrick Troughton 
4    Colin Baker 
4    Tom Baker 
4    Christopher Eccleston 
3    William Hartnell * 
3    Peter Davison 
2    Jon Pertwee 
2    Sylvester McCoy 
2    David Tennant 

The ~ answer was Paul McGann, who wasn't named by anybody else this 
time, having been the second most popular choice last time around. No 
surprise to see Davison near the bottom of the list this time, as 
almost 25% went for him last time. Eccleston and Tennant appear at 
last. No-one else was missing from the list. This was the only question 
for which nobody scored a "1". 

For comparison, here is the list from DWRE1 

11   Peter Davison 
7    Paul McGann 
5    Jon Pertwee 
5    Tom Baker 
5    William Hartnell 
4    Sylvester McCoy 
4    Patrick Troughton 
1    Colin Baker 

DWRE3 will appear in a few days time. 




Here are my final rulings and the updated scoresheet for DWRE2 

Devices: Do not include passports and crystals. My earlier ruling 
Aliens: The following stories all include alien companions and are 
disallowed as correct answers: Black Orchid, The Reign of Terror, Marco 
Polo. However, since Robot picks up from Planet of the Spiders after 
Cho-Je disappears, he cannot be said to "feature" and so Robot is a 
correct answer. 
Doubles: The Abbot of Amboise never actually met The Doctor, so this is 
an incorrect answer. I am satisfied that my wording was sufficiently 
clear in my intent to disallow characters meeting themselves as correct 
answers and so these answers remain incorrect. 
Producers: I am satisfied that my wording was sufficiently clear in my 
intent to admit those who performed producing duties of some sort but 
held a title other than that of simply "producer" and so these answers 
remain correct. 

Below is the corrected scoretable. There are no changes in the top 10. 

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 

 1         576    Nathanthewhovian     2  1 WR  2  4  1  1  1  1  3 
 2       1,728    Rob_C                9  1  1  2  2  1  2  2  3  4 
 3       1,792    JesseS               1  1  4  4  1  2  2  7  1  4 
 4       2,016    wilf                 2  3  6  2  1  1  1  7  2  2 
 5       3,072    Darkstar             4  2  2  2  4  2 WR  1  1  2 
 6       4,320    Simon Kinnear        9  4  2  2  1  1  1  2  3  5 
 7       4,704    Luke Curtis          7  1  4  1  2  1  1  7  3  4 
 8       9,600    Marnok               4  5  1 WR  1  1  1  2  3  5 
 9      10,368    solar.penguin        9  2  4  1  1  1  1  6  6  4 
10      10,752    Fortmap              7  4  2  8  1  1  2  1  3  4 
 =      10,752    btn                  7  1  2 WR  2  1  1  2  3  4 
12      12,096    chriskelk            9  2  1  2  2 WR  1  7  1  3 
13      13,824    Jonathan Morris      2  3  1 WR  2 WR  1  1  3  3 
14      18,432    genesisrockz         4  1  6  8  2  1  2  2  6  2 
15      21,504    Cyril Washbrook      7  4  2  8  2  1  2  2  2  3 
16      23,040    John Dorney          2  3  1  8  4  1  2  2  6  5 
17      32,256    Robot Porter         9  4  1  4  2  4  1  7  2  2 
18      40,320    Beyondthevoid        9  5  2  8  1  1  1  7  2  4 
19      55,296    Neil Toynay          9  1  4  8 WR  1 WR  2  1  2 
20      61,440    Paul B Arthur        2 WR  2 WR  1  2  2  6  1  4 
21     141,120    alboreto             7  5  6 WR  1  1  2  7  1  3 
22     184,320    sontaran             2 WR  6  4 WR  1  1  2  6  4 
 =     184,320    cols123              1 WR WR WR  1  1  2  6  2  4 
24     491,520    Aloysious            1 WR  2  8 WR  4  2  2 WR  2 
25     497,664    yohinnchild          9  2  6 WR  2  1  2  6  3  4 
26     921,600    Professor            4 WR  6  8  2  4  1  2  6  5 
27     967,680    Andrew Lowrie        7  5 WR  4  2  4  1  6  3  4 
28   6,451,200    Trevor Gensch        7  5 WR WR  4  2  2  2  6  5 
29  59,719,680    artyclarty           9 WR WR WR  2 WR WR  6  2  3