Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests

DWRE19: 23 May 2011


My thanks to all who entered. We had thirty entrants in the end, very far
from the best ever but not too shabby given that it's been almost a year
since we had one of these. When the dust settled, some familiar faces were
seen throughout the top ten, but leading the pack with very, very good score
of 252 is DAL to LEKS. There's hardly anything in it between the next four,
but I've only got room for the top three answer slates, so here they are...

     DAL TO EKS             FROO                   WILL JAMES             
0    Father's Day           Forest of the Dead     Father's Day           
1    John Black             Brian Grant            John Black             
2    Inferno                The Rescue             Inferno                
3    Ben                    Ben                    The Master             
4    Officials/Inter Minor  Vitex                  TARDIS food machine
5    Dennis Lill            Gerard Murphy          Eric Roberts           
6    Adric, Benton          Martha, Peri           Rory, Romana  
7    Jo Wright              Helen Vallis           Marie Jones            
8    Abominable Snowmen     The Happiness Patrol   Shining Darkness       
9    Silver Nemesis         The Mutants            Black Orchid           

To review the scoring:
The scores on the different questions are MULTIPLIED to produce a final score
for each entrant. Low score wins; a perfect score is 1. If your answer to a
question is correct, then your score is the number of people who gave that
answer, or an answer I consider equivalent. A wrong answer, or a skipped
question, gets a high score as a penalty. This is the median of:
- the number of entrants
- the square root of that number, rounded up to an integer
- double the largest number of entrants giving the same answer (right or
wrong) as each other on the question

Here is the complete table of scores. Use a monospaced font to see proper
alignment. Scores of over 100,000 have been omitted to spare blushes.

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9

 1         252    DAL to EKS           7  3  3  2  1  1  1  2  1  1 
 2         720    Froo                 2  1  2  2  3  5  1  1  3  2 
 3         756    Will James           7  3  3  1  1  6  1  1  1  2 
 4         864    Lightrock            6  3  1  4  2  1  2  1  1  3 
 5         900    Ssarl                6  5  1  1  5  6  1  1  1  1 
 6       1,920    Wilf                 6  5  2  4  2  2  1  1  1  2 
 7       3,600    John G Wood          1  2  1 10  5  3  1  3  1  4 
 8       5,040    Aquatics64           7  1  1  6  3  5  1  4  1  2 
 9       5,760    Ben Goudie           6  2  1 10  2  6  1  1  1  4 
10       6,048    NathantheWhovian    WR  3  1  6  1  6  1  1  1  4 
11      10,080    Barnaby Salton      WR  3  1  2 WR  2  1  3  1  2 
12      11,200    Binro_The_Heretic   WR  5  2 10  1  2  1  2  2  1 
13      12,960    Gavin Morgan         2  3  3 10  1 WR  1  1 WR  1 
14      16,800    Nightsky             7  1  3  2  5  5  1  4  2  2 
15      20,160    HolmesBaker         WR WR  2  6  1  2  1  1  3  2 
16      21,600    Starfighter Pilot    6  2  1 WR  3  5  2  1  1  3 
17      28,000    Phil Evans           7 WR  1  4  1  5  1  4  1  5 
18      28,800    The 14th Doctor      6 WR  2  2  5  3  2  2  1  2 
19      32,400    Regenerator          6  3  3  2  5  5  2  1  3  2 
20      34,992    Sutekh's Bum Hand    6  3  3  4  3  1  2  3  3  3 
21      57,600    Feathers             6  2  3 10 WR  2  1  4  1  2 
22      81,000    Caleb Woodbridge     6  2  3 10  1  5  1  3  3  5 
23                Carl Wood            6  1  1  6 WR  6 WR  4  1  3 
24                Old Type 40          2 WR  3  6 WR  5  1  4  1  3 
25                Tat Wood            WR WR  2 10  2  2  1  4  1  5 
26                UnluckyLeprechaun    7  3  3 10  3  6  1  2 WR  5 
27                Sir Round Sound      2  1 WR  1 WR WR  1 WR WR WR 
28                Red Ripper          WR  2  3 10  3  5 WR  3  1  4 
29                Chris Dunford-Kelk   6  5  3  6 WR  5  1  4  3  3 
30                Badgers              7  5 WR 10 WR  3  2  3 WR  5 

Here is the complete list of answers given. Each list shows correct answers
in the order worst to best (most to least popular).  

0. Name a story during which two characters get married to each other.

7    Father's Day (Pete and Jackie)
6    The End of Time (Donna and Shaun)
6    The Keeper of Traken (Tremas and Kassia)
2    Forest of the Dead (Donna and Lee)
2    The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang (Amy and Rory)
1    Blink (Kathy)
4    Human Nature / Family of Blood
1    The Aztecs
1    The Horns of Nimon

This question was inspired by the observation that although plenty of
companions got "married-off" in the Classic Series (Susan, Leela, Romana, Jo
Grant etc) this tended to happen off-screen. Actual weddings were much rarer
until the New Series (written in the post Richard Curtis era).

So, not many to choose from here - so much so that one entrant believed that 
only three right answers were possible. There were some wrong answers though 
nd a couple of interesting borderline cases. The question doesn't require 
that we witness a complete wedding ceremony (although that would be enough), 
only that the action of the narrative brings two people together in matrimony.

Obvious right answers therefore were The Keeper of Traken (which opens
with Kassia's wedding to Tremas), Father's Day (Jackie and Pete right after the
titles), The End of Time (Donna and Shaun at the end) and The Pandorica Opens /
The Big Bang (Amy and Rory).

Slightly trickier are Silence in the Library / The Forest of the Dead, Blink 
and Human Nature / The Family of Blood. Blink I think is the easiest. To my
mind, Kathy's marriage is unquestionably part of the narrative. We see her meet
her future (nameless!) husband and hear news of her married life. No problem at
all. Two characters get married in this story.

Equally, it seems as if Donna gets married to stammering Lee in The Forest of 
the Dead, but by the end of the episode this is revealed to have been a 
fantasy. But Doctor Who being Doctor Who, pretty much *anything* could be 
retrospectively revealed to have been a fantasy. We've just learned that we've
not been watching the real Amy Pond for the last half-dozen episodes. 
Some version of Donna definitely marries some version of Lee during this 
story, so in it goes. On the other hand, The Doctor does not marry Joan in 
The Family of Blood. He gets a glimpse of what married life might be like,
but the marrying of these two characters is not and never will be part of the
narrative. This is therefore a wrong answer, despite being given four times.

More obviously wrong is The Aztecs during which The Doctor only gets engaged 
to Cameca. Where The Horns of Nimon is concerned, I'm not even sure which 
characters the entrant had in mind. The only explanation given is "They must 
be married, Dudley plays Wagner." And since this entry came in with minutes to
spare, I haven't had the opportunity to check the DVD. If this refers to Seth
and Teka then I'm pretty sure that no wedding ceremony of any kind takes place

Six right answers then, with Father's Day narrowly taking the top spot. I am
not aware of any right answers not given.

1. Name someone who has directed at least one Doctor Who story and who has
also directed at least one feature-length movie theatrically released in the
UK or the USA.

5    Geoffrey Sax (TVM, Frankie & Alice)
3    Hettie MacDonald (Blink, Beautiful Thing)
3    John Black (Four to Doomsday, The Zoo Robbery)
3    Waris Hussein (An Unearthly Child, The Possession of Joel Delaney)
2    Alan Bromly (Nightmare on Eden, Follow That Horse!)
2    Douglas Mackinnon (The Sontaran Stratagem, The Flying Scotsman)
2    Jonny Campbell (Vincent and the Doctor, Alien Autopsy)
1    Brian Grant (The Long Game, The Immortals)
1    Colin Teague (The Fires of Pompeii, Spivs)
1    Euros Lyn (The Unquiet Dead, Sunday Stories)
1    Julian Simpson (The Rebel Flesh, The Criminal)
1    Morris Barry (Tomb of the Cybermen, Murder: Ultimate Grounds for Divorce)
1    Andrew Gunn
1    Dan Zeff
1    Gordon Flemyng
1    Michael Briant
1    Paul Joyce

This question and the timing of this contest were designed to admit director 
Julian Simpson whose debut feature The Criminal, although flawed, certainly 
deserves a wider audience. However, shortly after I posted the questions I
worried that by setting the cut-off date in between his two episodes I had
discounted him. In the event, only one person picked him and I have decided to
be lenient. 

For the rest of the submissions, I generally regarded IMDB as definitive and
looked for a movie not identified as a TV Movie, with a running time of more
than one hour (to satisfy the "feature-length" requirement) and a UK or USA
release date (to satisfy the theatrical release requirement). TV movies, short
films, straight-to-video productions do not cut it. For Michael Briant, Andrew
Gunn, Paul Joyce and Dan Zeff I could find no such entries. The entrant who
submitted Dan Zeff offered Jilting Joe which seems to have been made for TV
although shown theatrically in Singapore. With Gunn and Joyce, it's even more
clear-cut as IMDB offers no productions directed by them which are not clearly
identified as made for TV or short. And in the case of Michael Briant, the
only possible candidate - a film called Tangiers - seems to have gone straight
to video in the UK and never to have had a USA release of any sort.

In a couple of other cases, I was unable to determine exactly when a film
had been shown theatrically, but if IMDB didn't flag it as a TV movie and
gave a release date in the UK or USA than I gave the entrants the benefit of
the doubt and took that release date to be a theatrical release date as
opposed to a TV transmission or a home video/DVD release.

Gordon Flemyng, director of the two Peter Cushing Dalek films, has never
directed a televised Doctor Who story and so is excluded. The entrant who
punted him pointed out that I didn't specify televised Doctor Who stories,
but rule 4 demonstrates that I don't need to.

The distribution here was fairly flat with Geoffrey Sax, director of the TV
Movie, coming top. Many more New Series directors qualify than Classic
Series directors, despite there having been 26 years of Classic Series
directors. This may reflect the fact that modern television production is
much more like film production than studio-bound TV shows of the sixties and
seventies were.

I am not aware of any right answers not given, but I didn't attempt an
exhaustive survey.

2. Name a story whose title consists only of words found in earlier story
or episode titles. Consider whole words only (so the word "ear" is not found
in Earthshock for example).

3    Inferno
3    The Enemy of the World
3    The Wheel in Space
3    Warriors of the Deep
2    Planet of the Dead
2    The Rescue
2    The Web Planet
1    Dalek
1    Day of the Daleks
1    Death to the Daleks
1    The End of Time
1    The End of the World
1    The Five Doctors
1    The Invasion of Time
1    The Mind of Evil
1    The Monster of Peladon
1    Time and the Rani
1    Forest of the Dead (not a story)
1    The Power of the Daleks

There were 25 possible right answers to this question (one slightly
dubious), but a third of these were not given by anyone, including the
dubious one, Time-Flight which qualifies provided you ignore the hyphen and
treat "Time" (as in "Warrior" among many others) and "Flight" (as in
"Through Eternity") as two separate words. I would have allowed it if anyone
had tried it.

In addition, nobody went for The Evil of the Daleks, The Web of Fear, The
Invasion, Planet of the Daleks, The Ark in Space, Planet of Evil or The
Seeds of Doom. Working out the earlier stories or episodes whose titles
include these words is left as an exercise for the reader.

You had to be careful that the story you had in mind took its words from
*earlier* stories and not any old stories. Yes, both "Power" and "Daleks"
appear in other story titles (as well as "The" and "Of", obviously) but
"Power" only appears in the title of the later story The Power of Kroll and
so The Power of the Daleks is a wrong answer.

Also wrong was Forest of the Dead which is not the name of a story. As I
note on my page devoted to what is and is not a story for the purposes of
these contests, no more official, useful or widely-used title exists for
multi-part New Series stories, other than to just run the episode titles
together. Even had I been minded to be generous and to take this answer as
referring to both parts of Steven Moffat's story from Series Four, Silence
in the Library includes two words not seen in any other story or episode

One entrant queried whether the last word of serial T was "Four" or "4" as
far as I was concerned. The answer is "4" as can be seen on my site, but the
real answer is that it doesn't matter since no earlier story contains the
word "Galaxy" and no later story contains the word "4" whereas the first
episode of this serial unequivocally includes the word "Four".

Despite the many right answers not given, distribution was still fairly flat
here although Troughton stories seemed to the most popular for some reason.

3. Name a character who has appeared in three or more "eras" of Doctor
Who. (For the purposes of this question, Doctor Who stories are divided into
"eras", each identified by the then-current Doctor. Every story belongs to
exactly one era, there are no overlaps. So for example, the Peter Davison
Era begins with Castrovalva and ends with The Caves of Androzani and
includes 20 stories in total.)

10   Sgt Benton
6    Jamie McCrimmon
4    Polly
2    Ben
2    Davros
2    K9
1    Sarah Jane Smith
1    The Doctor
1    The Master
1    Mike Yates

Here, as with the later question 6, I might have done better to rule out
flashbacks. Rule 4.2 applies only where the phrase "appears with" is
concerned and is designed to rule out, say, Adric and Sarah Jane Smith
having appeared together courtesy of flashbacks in Logopolis. Without
flashbacks, I believe that only the following characters qualify: The
Doctor, The Master, K9, Sarah Jane Smith, The Brigadier, Sgt Benton, Jamie
McCrimmon and Davros. All were given at least once except the Brig. 

If you include flashbacks, however, then companions who were around for a
regeneration and who also featured in a flashback squeaked in. This let in
Ben and Polly who feature in flashback footage in Resurrection of the
Daleks, and who both did well but not as well as Benton and Jamie. In fact
Benton is the worst-scoring right answer of the contest, worth a corpulent
10 points.

Mike Yates is a wrong answer, however. The redoubtable Captain features only
in Third Doctor stories with the exception of a brief appearance in The Five
Doctors. Thus he can only rack up two eras and not three as required by the
question. Possibly the entrant was thinking of the recent fourth Doctor
audio productions written by Paul Magrs?

4. Name or otherwise identify a fictional kind of food or drink we have
seen. The food or drink in question need not be seen to be consumed, it just
needs to be clearly identifiable as suitable for eating or drinking and must
not exist in the real world.

5    Kronkburgers = Kronkburger with pajartas (The Long Game)
3    Chimeron baby food = Royal jelly (Delta and the Bannermen)
3    Vitex (Rise of the Cybermen)
2    Demeter seeds (Terror of the Vervoids)
2    Fizzade (Paradise Towers)
1    Chicken tablets (Tomb of the Cybermen)
1    Food cubes (The Wheel in Space)
1    Fungus (The Green Death)
1    Milk of the Queen Bat (Caves of Androzani)
1    Officials of Inter Minor (Carnival of Monsters)
1    Riverfruit (Full Circle)
1    TARDIS food machine output, setting J62 L6 (The Daleks)
1    Zaffich (The Long Game)
1    Bicorn sauce (not seen)
1    Gaffabeque (not seen)
1    Gumblejack (not seen)
1    Herbabaculum vitae (not food)
1    High protein water (not food)
1    Pandatorean conga (not seen)
1    Pot Noodle (not fictional)

The key question here seemed to be, did we in fact *see* the food, as
required by the question? Gaffabeque, Gumblejacks, Bicorn sauce and the
Pandatorean Conger may or may not be regarded as food (see later), but they
are definitely not seen on screen, merely mentioned in dialogue (in Bad Wolf
for Gaffabeque and The Two Doctors for the other three). In fact, I wasn't
entirely sure if Kronkburgers (the top answer) were actually seen on screen.
Near the beginning of The Long Game, there's lots of hustle and bustle,
Kronkburgers are mentioned and packages of some sort are passed back and
forth but it's hard to clearly identify anything. Later, Rose and Adam are
seen with burgers of some kind in front of them, but it isn't absolutely
explicit that these were Kronkburgers. However, that seems likely to be the
intention, so Kronkburgers are in, but that meant I was unlikely to smile
upon "Kronkburger with pajartas" as being a more specific variant - in fact
I nearly marked it wrong on the grounds that I don't really know where I saw
pajartas, but I thought lumping it in with the popular answer was fair.

A very clever answer was "Officials of Inter Minor" on the basis that these
would be food to a drashig. There being so many alien races in Doctor Who
and so many human-looking characters that may or may not be alien, that it
would have narrowed the scope unduly for me to have specified as suitable
for eating or drinking by humans. I would not have accepted this answer if
the drashig had been identified merely as violent or vicious. Even a
predator might kill in self-defence and then not feed off the corpse. But
the drashig is clearly identified as omnivorous and with a preference for
flesh and the Inter Minor officials are clearly potentially in its way (and
are fictional, unlike Pot Noodles) and so this is a correct answer.

The only other potentially controversial rulings both come from Revelation
of the Daleks. During the story it is revealed that, far from being kept in
suspended animation, the lifeless inhabitants of Tranquil Repose are in fact
being turned into food. That phrase "turned into" is important. A cow is not
food. By a process of slaughter and then butchery and then ideally hanging
for no less than 28 days, it can be *turned into* a food - for example,
steak - but while still mooing, food it is not. Note then that, when told
that the weed plant - herbabaculum vitae - produces protein when cultivated,
Takis and Lilt react with astonishment. Clearly, the plant in this state is
not edible, any more than an ear of wheat is. It can be processed into food,
but it is not food yet, so this is a wrong answer.

Similarly, when Grigory complains that if he screws up, Stengos will be
reduced to a pool of high protein water, that does not make it the
equivalent of the food that Davros is producing - nor does it make any human
character food (even for a drashig). Possibly you could slurp up this mess
and not be sick but that doesn't make it food. You can eat a piece of paper
and not be sick, after all.

5. Name an actor who has appeared in at least one episode of Doctor Who
and at least one theatrically-released movie based on the Batman series of

6    Eric Roberts (The Master, Sal Maroni)
5    Gerard Murphy (Richard - Silver Nemesis, Judge Faden - Batman Begins)
5    Lachele Carl  (Trinity Wells, TV technician - Batman)
3    Michael Gough (Toymaker, Alfred)
2    Garrick Hagon (Ky, Tourist Dad - Batman)
2    Steve Plytas (Wigner - Tenth Planet, Doctor - Batman)
2    Vincent Wong (Ho - Talons, Asian Prisoner - Batman Begins)
1    David Ajala (Peter - The Beast Below, Bounty Hunter - The Dark Knight)
1    Dennis Lill (Sir George - The Awakening, Bob - Batman)
1    Mark Straker (Trooper - Earthshock, Guest - Batman Begins)
1    No answer given
1    Pat Gorman

Eric Roberts and Michael Gough both do well here, as I expected. Only they
have significant parts in both franchises. Others have big Doctor Who parts
and small Batman parts (like Garrick Hagon) or small parts in both (like
Vincent Wong).

Pat Gorman is a wrong answer since the new definition of "actor" requires a
credit and Gorman received no credit for his role as "Cop" in the 1989
Batman movie. (In Doctor Who terms, his credit as "Silurian Scientist" in
The Silurians is sufficient.)

The question was phrased so as to include the 1966 movie, but as far as I
know, no credited actor on the production ever appeared in Doctor Who.

6. Name two characters who have each appeared in ten or more Doctor Who
stories, but who have never appeared with each other in the same story.

2    Brigadier, Ian Chesterton
2    Brigadier, Rose Tyler
2    Martha Jones, Mike Yates
1    Adric, Mickey Smith
1    Adric, Sgt Benton
1    Adric, Vicki
1    Amy Pond, Brigadier
1    Barbara Wright, Mike Yates
1    Barbara Wright, Tegan Jovanka
1    Ben Jackson, Leela
1    Ian Chesterton, K9
1    Ian Chesterton, Martha Jones
1    Ian Chesterton, Sgt Benton
1    Ian Chesterton, The Master
1    Jackie Tyler, Steven Taylor
1    Jackie Tyler, Zoe Herriot
1    Jo Grant, Peri Brown
1    Jo Grant, Tegan Jovanka
1    Martha Jones, Peri Brown
1    Mike Yates, Peri Brown
1    Peri Brown, Sgt Benton
1    Rory Williams, Romana
1    Rory Williams, Turlough
1    Rose Tyler, Susan Foreman
1    The Master, Steven Taylor
1    The Doctor, Martha
1    Stuart Fell, Cy Town

It was suggested by some people that I used a different scoring method for
this question - perhaps the one Chris Kelk devised for his CDK1 contest on
the old forum - and maybe I should have. But the possibility did not occur
to me until after the contest was under way and I didn't want to change the
rules at that stage. For those who care about such things, Ian was the most
popular answer, given six times, followed by the Brig (five), then Martha,
Mike and Peri, given four times each. Adric, Benton and Rose were each given
three times; Barbara, Jackie, Jo, Rory, Steven, Tegan and The Master were
each given twice and Amy, Ben, K9, Leela, Martha, Mickey, Romana, Susan, The
Doctor, Turlough, Vicki and Zoe were given once each.

Despite the lax scoring, three collisions occurred, but otherwise you were
unlucky not to score a 1 here. However, neither Stuart Fell nor Cy Town can
amass ten stories in which they reach the level of actor as given by rule
4.3 and - again - some characters need the help of flashbacks to rack up the
appropriate number. Of particular note here is the answer "Ben Jackson and
Leela". Ben appeared in nine black-and-white stories from The War Machines
to The Faceless Ones but he also appears in flashback during the companion
roll-call in Resurrection of the Daleks for ten. Leela likewise can only
score nine stories in her "main run" between The Face of Evil and The
Invasion of Time, but is also seen in a flashback in Logopolis. But, you
might argue, despite rule 4.2 (which is somewhat ambiguous on this point),
if you live by the flashback you die by the flashback. Both appearing in
flashbacks in Resurrection should count them both out. And this might be
true, were it not for the fact that for reasons unknown, Leela does not
appear in the companion flashbacks in Resurrection and so this answer

7. Name someone whose credit on at least one episode of Doctor Who
included the word "producer" but who was not at that time the de facto
"show-runner" (i.e. the person with the greatest overall control over the

4    Debbi Slater (associate producer)
4    Susie Liggat
3    Patrick Schweitzer
3    Peter Bryant (associate producer)
2    Jo Wright (executive producer)
2    Nikki Wilson
1    Alex Beaton
1    Barry Letts (executive producer)
1    Catrin Lewis Defis
1    David Mason (line producer)
1    Helen Vallis (associate producer)
1    Jenna Powell (visual effects producer)
1    Mal Young (executive producer)
1    Marie Jones (visual effects producer)
1    Peter Bennett
1    Tony Dow (visual effects producer)
1    Tracie Simpson
1    No answer given

This one was pretty straightforward and it seemed as if no-one was in any
doubt about who was and who wasn't a showrunner. The people I had in mind
were - in order - Verity Lambert, John Wiles, Innes Lloyd, Peter Bryant,
Derrick Sherwin, Barry Letts, Philip Hinchcliffe, John Nathan-Turner, Philip
Segal, Russell T Davie and Steven Moffat. Several of these had other forms
of producer working with them or themselves were credited in capacities
other than simply "producer". In the classic series, Mervyn Pinfield was
credited as "associate producer" from An Unearthly Child to The Romans,
Peter Bryant got the same credit on The Faceless Ones and The Evil of the
Daleks and Barry Letts was "executive producer" throughout season 18. All
were given except Pinfield.

In the new series, the role of producer is no longer identified with the
showrunner and has been passed around from person-to-person. In addition
there have been various other executive produers, associate producers and
the like. Some clever entrants also dug up rare credits like "visual effects
producer" which were also acceptable.

The fourth entrant who picked Debbi Slater commented "This was a case of
stick a drawing pin into the list on Wikipedia. Lots to choose from; no
particular reason to choose one over another," and so can feel justifiably
hard-done-by but them's the breaks.

8. Name a Doctor Who audio book, the reader(s) of which never played on
TV any of the characters depicted in the book. For the purposes of this
question, an audio book is a reading (possibly abridged) of the text of a
Doctor Who story which is or was also available in print. It may or may not
be based on a televised Doctor Who story.

3    The Happiness Patrol (read by Rula Lenska)
3    The Mind Robber (read by Derek Jacobi)
2    The Daemons (read by Barry Letts)
1    Apollo 23 (read by James Albrecht)
1    Carnival of Monsters (read by Gabriel Woolf)
1    Frontios (read by Beth Chalmers)
1    Ghosts of India (read by David Troughton)
1    Lair of the Zarbi Supremo (read by William Russell)
1    Logopolis (read by Christopher H Bidmead)
1    Shining Darkness (read by Debbie Chazen)
1    Sick Building (read by Will Thorp)
1    Snowglobe 7 (read by Georgia Moffett)
1    Sting of the Zygons (Reggie Yates)
1    The  Awakening (read by Nerys Hughes)
1    The Abominable Snowmen (read by David Troughton)
1    The Art of Destruction (read by Don Warrington)
1    The Doctor Trap (read by Russell Tovey)
1    The Eyeless (read by Russell Tovey)
1    The Forgotten Army (read by Olivia Colman)
1    The Myth Makers (read by Stephen Thorne)
1    The Three Doctors (read by Gabriel Woolf)
1    Bernice Summerfield (not an audio book)
1    Justin Richards (not an audiobook)
1    Terror of the Autons (read by Geoffrey Beevers)
1    The Macra Terror (read by Colin Baker)

A couple of people didn't read the question here, I suspect. There is no
audio book called "Justin Richards" nor one called "Bernice Summerfield".
There are quite a lot of qualifying items however, including new recordings
of old books, new recordings of new books, and even a new recording of an
old annual story. New recordings of stories not available in print were
excluded but generally these are narrated by the stars anyway.

A couple of people also fell foul of the rule regarding regenerations. It's
still the same character, folks, so Colin Baker reading The Macra Terror is
out and so is Geoffrey Beevers, who played The Master in The Keeper of
Traken, reading Terror of the Autons - the story which introduced The

9. Name a story in which the phrase "Doctor Who" is spoken.

5    The Curse of Peladon
4    An Unearthly Child
3    The Christmas Invasion
3    The Gunfighters
2    Black Orchid
2    Girl in the Fireplace
2    The Highlanders
2    The Impossible Astronaut
2    The Mutants
1    Boom Town
1    Silver Nemesis
1    The Five Doctors
1    The War Machines
1    Rose

A nice straightforward one to finish on. The only wrong answer was Rose. I
haven't watched the whole episode again, but I've watched bits and I've
searched online transcripts. When Eccleston first introduces himself as The
Doctor, Rose responds "Doctor what?" and although the phrase is later seen
on a computer screen, it's not spoken by anyone. 

Thanks again to all who entered. I've no immediate plans to run another
contest, but I may do one more when the series returns in the autumn. Let me
know if I've made any errors or if you take violent objection to any of my
rulings and enjoy tomorrow night's demi-finale.



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