Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests

DWRE12: 5 January 2009


Despite the very long gap since DWRE11, we ended up with a very respectable
36 entrants, thanks to a little flurry of entries in the last 24 hours.
DWRE13 will probably follow quickly, so let's see if we can't get a bit of
momentum going.

And the winner - once again! - is the redoubtable WILF, the only DWRE
multiple-winner now claiming his fourth crown with a remarkable score of
64. Congratulations and bragging rights also to new player Vegetables who
came second and stalwart competitor Jonathan Morris who came third, as well
as John Dorney and Chriskelk who tie for fourth place. Here are the top
three answer slates. Use a monospaced font to see proper alignment
(this may mean doing 'view source').

     WILF                   VEGETABLES             JONATHAN MORRIS        
0    Burn/Chatrm/Citizenshp Moses Jones            That Face              
1    William Simons         Mike Mungarvan         Michael Cashman        
2    Jackson Lake           Barbara                Martha                 
3    Kirsty Wark            Dougie Pointer         Tom Fletcher           
4    Shallacatop            Collactin              Pyrovillia             
5    Alan Ruscoe            Lisa Bowerman          Martin Jarvis          
6    Oliver Morgenstern     [WRONG]                Dalek Sec              
7    Matt Jones             Robert Shearman        Jonathan Morris        
8    Lan                    Ian                    [WRONG]                
9    Future Memories        Tales of Isop          Paris in the S/time  

To review the scoring:
The scores on the different questions are MULTIPLIED to produce a final
score for each entrant. Low score wins; a perfect score is 1. If your answer
to a question is correct, then your score is the number of people who gave
that answer, or an answer I consider equivalent. A wrong answer, or a skipped
question, gets a high score as a penalty. This is the median of:
- the number of entrants
- the square root of that number, rounded up to an integer
- double the largest number of entrants giving the same answer (right or wrong)
as each other on the question

Here is the complete table of scores. Use a monospaced font to see proper
alignment (this may mean doing 'view source'). Scores of over 100,000 have
been omitted to spare blushes.

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9

 1          64    Wilf                 4  1  1  2  2  1  2  1  1  2 
 2         720    Vegetables           1  1  1  4  1  1 WR  3  1  6 
 3         840    Jonathan Morris      2  2  1  1  5  1  1  1 WR  3 
 4         960    John Dorney          4  1 WR  1  5  1  1  2  1  2 
 =         960    Chriskelk            4  1  2  3  5  1  1  2  2  2 
 6       1,920    Starfighter Pilot    4  3  2  4  4  1  5  1  1  1 
 7       2,592    Phil Evans           1  3  1  2  4  3  3  1  2  6 
 =       2,592    froo                 1  1  2  3  4  3  3  2  1  6 
 9       3,840    Fortmap              4  2  6  4  5  1  1  1  2  2 
10       5,184    Iain Rylands         6  1  3  4  2  1  3  2  3  2 
11       5,760    Andrew Hodson        2  2  2  2  5  2  3  2  1  6 
 =       5,760    TimeTraveller        6 WR  3  4  2  1  2  1  1  2 
13       6,804    Dan Stimpson         1  3  2  3  3  3  3  2  7  1 
14       7,680    Blowfly              4 WR  1  4  2  1  2  2  2  3 
15      10,752    DoctorBrownCoat      4  1  2  1  2 WR  2  3  7  2 
16      10,800    Peter Morris         6 WR  1  1  5  3  2  3  2  1 
 =      10,800    Tin Machine          6  1  6  1 WR  1  5 WR  1  1 
18      11,664    Gazza Innit          6  1  3  3  2  3  4  1  3  3 
19      17,280    Aaron George         2  3  6  2  1  2  5  2  1 WR 
20      19,440    magicbaboon          4  3  3  3  3  3  5  1  2  2 
21      34,992    stupid little horses 6  3  6  3  3  2  3  2  1  3 
22      54,432    Mink Newberry        1  3  6  3  3  4  2  2  7  3 
23      60,480    ElectroBoy           2  5  3  3  4  2  3  2  7  2 
24      62,208    Aloysius             2  1  6  3  3  4  3  2  4  6 
 =      62,208    Barnaby Salton       6  1  6  3  3  3  4  2  4  2 
26      67,200    David Ainsworth      2  5  6  2  2  1  5  2 WR  2 
27      69,120    Simon Kinnear        6  3  6  4  2  1 WR  2  4  1 
28                Ben Goudie          WR  1  6  3  1 WR  4  1  3  6 
29                Lee Johnson          6  5  2  3 WR  3  4  1  3  2 
30                Ged Sweeney          2  5  2  4  5  4  1  1  7 WR 
31                Nightsky             6  3  3  3  5  2  3  2  7  2 
32                Michael S Collins    1  2 WR  3  5  2 WR  3  3 WR 
33                HolmesBaker          1  5  6  2 WR  2  3  3  7 WR 
34                Paul Sigma           6 WR WR  3 WR  2  3  3  4  2 
35                Badgers              2 WR  6 WR  5  4  3  2  3 WR 
36                Vislor              WR WR WR WR WR  3 WR  2 WR  3 

Special mention simply must go to Vislor who now holds the record for the
least accurate (although not worst-scoring) answer-slate so far submitted
to a DWRE contest. Assuming none of my rulings is reversed, Vislor managed
to get only three questions right out of ten. Several people have previously
obtained six wrong answers, but seven is definitely the record. Do feel free
to argue about any of the rulings you feel are unfair, by the way Vislor,
that's part of the fun. Although you may prefer to let your triumph go

Here is the complete list of answers given.  Each list shows correct answers
in the order worst to best (most to least popular).  >>> indicates that the
"more specific variant" scoring was used.

0. Name a professional production in any medium which featured a speaking
credited part played by 11th Doctor actor Matt Smith.

6    The History Boys
6    The Street
 >>> 1   Two Families
4    Burn/Chatroom/Citizenship
4    On the Shores of the Wide World
2    Party Animals
2    Ruby in the Smoke
2    Secret Diary of a Call Girl
2    That Face
1    Fresh Kills
1    Gotham IL
1    Moses Jones
1    Swimming With Sharks
1    The Secret Diary of a Call Girl
1    The Shadow in the North
2    Doctor Who Confidential - The Eleventh Doctor (not credited)

An easy one to start you off with. Matt Smith's credits are simple to check on
(for example) his Wikipedia page, and nobody made the error of including some
of his early non-professional theatre roles. Gotham, IL is an American short
film which as far as I can tell was professionally produced, and I assume
therefore if Matt Smith received a credit that this was for a speaking part,
even though his character is not named.

Two people punted the special episode of Doctor Who Confidential in which the
identity of the eleventh Doctor was revealed. One entrant made a lengthy case
for it, as follows: 'Doctor Who Confidential - The Eleventh Doctor' featured
Matt Smith (credited on-screen at first appearing, and at the end), and
featured him in various clips from other productions.  Certainly a professional
production, which featured him speaking, credited, and in a (latter) part, as
well as featuring other parts for which he has been credited.

The chief problem with this argument is that it assumes facts which are not the
case. I am certainly not minded to accept an onscreen caption as a "credit" in
this context, so the validity of this answer rests on Matt Smith's inclusion in
the closing credits of the programme, but a check on both my off-air recording
and the BBC iPlayer version reveals no such credit, so this is clearly not an
instance of a credited part played by Matt Smith, regardless of any other
interpretations of the words "part" or "played", and so is a wrong answer.

"Two Familes" was the name of the episode of "The Street" in which Matt Smith
appeared, and since both a series and an episode could be described as a
"production" I have used the More Specific Variant marking here. On the other
hand, "Burn/Chatroom/Citizenship" despite being subdivided into three plays,
was only ever one production (with a single director and a shared cast), so
each play is an equivalent answer to "Burn/Chatroom/Citizenship". Citizenship
and Chatroom were named once each, and the troika twice.

1. Name an actor who has appeared in at least one episode of Doctor Who and
at least one episode of "Dempsey and Makepeace"

5    Tony Osoba
3    Gregory Powell
3    Mark Jones
3    Tracey Childs
2    Michael Cashman
2    Ralph Michael
1    Brian Croucher
1    Christopher Benjamin
1    Christopher Bowen
1    Derek Martin
1    Edward Kelsey
1    Edward Peel
1    Eric Deacon
1    John Ainley
1    Mike Mungarvan
1    Norman Hartley
1    Tom Georgeson
1    William Simons
2    Gareth Milne
2    Trevor Steedman (not credited)
1    Chris Webb (not credited)
1    Tip Tipping

Again this was a fairly easy one to check on IMDB. Everyone steered clear of
Dempsey himself, Michael Brandon, and instead zeroed in on Tony Osoba, for
reasons which escape me (except possibly his startling resemblance to Steven
Moffat). Of the four wrong answers, two are stuntmen and so are not actors
under 4.5; Trevor Steedman received no credit for his part in Warriors of the
Deep nor did Chris Webb for his performance as a Monoid and so they are
similarly excluded.

2. Name a companion who has appeared with only one of the ten incarnations of
the Doctor. 

6    Leela
6    Steven Taylor
3    Dodo
3    Victoria
2    Harry Sullivan
2    Ian
2    Jo Grant
2    Vicki
1    Adam Mitchell
1    Barbara
1    Donna
1    Jackson Lake
1    K9 Mk II
1    Martha
2    Kamelion (Androzani)
1    Jamie (Two Doctors)
1    Turlough (Five Doctors)

This one was a little trickier. Leela is obviously fondly-remembered as a Fourth
Doctor-only companion (to the entrant who asked, no Dimensions in Time does not
count, see rule 4) and Steven Taylor presumably struck many entrants as suitably
obscure. Turlough is obviously wrong since he meets three other Doctors in the
Dark Tower. Kamelion is wrong for a slightly more subtle reason. Rule 4.3 notes
that "appears with" means that the two characters featured at least once in the
same scene, with flashbacks to old episodes excluded. Since the Doctor's
hallucinations of past companions and the Master were all specially-shot for
Caves of Androzani this rules them all out since Colin Baker appears as the
Doctor later in that same scene (debates about what is and is not a scene will
not be entered into!).

Two interesting points arise from this. The first is that even without this
scene, Kamelion is the only companion of the Fifth Doctor who would have
been eligible since Tegan, Nyssa and Adric all appeared with the Fourth Doctor,
Turlough appeared in The Five Doctors and Peri with the Sixth Doctor. The other
is that under these rules, both Liz Shaw and Zoe Herriot would have been
correct answers, since they do not appear in The Five Doctors in the same scene
with any Doctor but their "own". Jamie also escapes under this rule, but
unequivocally appears with the Sixth Doctor in The Two Doctors.

Other right answers not given were Katarina, Sara Kingdom, Romana, Ace, Grace
and Astrid.

3. Name someone who has appeared in footage shot for the purpose in at least
one Doctor Who story and who played themselves.

4    Dougie Pointer (McFly, The Sound of Drums)
4    Kenneth Kendall (The War Machines)
3    Anne Widdecombe (The Sound of Drums)
3    Andrew Marr (Aliens of London)
3    Courtney Pine (Silver Nemesis)
3    Derek Acorah (Army of Ghosts)
3    Matt Baker (Blue Peter)
2    Danny Jones (McFly, The Sound of Drums)
2    Kirsty Wark (The Poison Sky)
2    Richard Dawkins (The Stolen Earth)
1    Alex MacIntosh (Day of the Daleks)
1    Alistair Appleton (Army of Ghosts)
1    Huw Edwards (Fear Her)
1    Sharon Osbourne (The Sound of Drums)
1    Tom Fletcher (McFly, The Sound of Drums)
1    Kevin Clarke
1    Shakespeare

Several people seemed to have trouble with the wording here. One aggrieved
potential entrant wrote to tell me that unless I meant the phrase "shot for
the purpose" to mean "shot for the purpose of inclusion in a DW story" then
I had added nothing to my question by including that phrase and so they were
mystified as to why I had bothered. Since that is exactly what I did mean by
it, I failed to understand just what was so confusing to this entrant. Since
nobody ventured, for example, Paul McCartney's appearance in The Chase I can
only assume that others did not find the phrase overly confusing.

Among the right answers, three out of four members of McFly were given (Harry
Judd was not named) as were several TV personalities who have made brief
"episode 12" appearances. News readers were also useful - Huw Edwards and
Kirsty Wark from the new series and Kenneth Kendall and Alex MacIntosh from
the sixties and seventies respectively.

I cannot imagine what the entrant who submitted William Shakespeare was
thinking, only that they must have misread the question. Kevin Clarke is
included presumably due to his participation in one of the crowd scenes in
Silver Nemesis, but I think this stretches the definition of "playing himself"
past breaking point. If the entrant concerned would like to make a case for
the story requiring the appearance of Doctor Who writer Kevin Clarke at
Windsor Castle, then they are welcome to do so here.

I also noticed too late that this question was rather too similar to question
6 in DWRE3 (where Kenneth Kendall and Andrew Marr were the most popular
answers). The same is regrettably true of question 8 which is almost identical
to question 4 in DWRE10. I can only apologise for my paucity of imagination.

4. Name a lost planet.

5    Clom (Stolen Earth)
5    Pyrovillia (Stolen Earth)
4    Adipose 3 (Stolen Earth)
3    Bandraginous V (Pirate Planet)
3    Calufrax (Pirate Planet)
2    Earth (Stolen Earth)
2    Granados (Pirate Planet)
2    Shallacatop (Stolen Earth)
2    Woman Wept (Stolen Earth)
1    Collactin (Pirate Planet)
1    Mondas (Tenth Planet)
1    Planet of the Fendahl
2    Ravalox
2    Traken
1    Shada

This question was intended to refer to events in The Stolen Earth but I did
wonder if eager entrants might be able to sniff out some more "lost" planets,
and it was quickly apparent that plenty of you were going to try. Of the 26
planets relocated to the Medusa Cascade by the Daleks, the following are named
by the Doctor and are all right answers: Adipose 3, Callufrax Minor, Clom
(who'd want Clom?), Earth, Jahoo, Pyrovillia, Shallacatop and Woman Wept but
not the Lost Moon of Poosh which is, of course, a moon and not a planet. All
were given as answers at least once, except Jahoo and Callufrax Minor.

Lost by other means, but perfectly acceptably "lost" were Mondas (missing from
the solar system until 1986) and the Planet of the Fendahl aka Planet Five
(timelooped by the Time Lords).

Definitely not "lost" are Traken and Ravalox. Traken, certainly, is seen to be
destroyed by entropy in Logopolis but "destroyed" does not equal "lost". If it
did, then since pretty much every planet in the universe is gone by the time we
get to Utopia then I'd have to accept any planet ever mentioned as a right
answer; no reasonable interpretation of the question could yield criteria as
loose as this. And the planet called "Ravalox" was never lost to anyone. It's
true that a consideration of the events of The Trial of a Time Lord (Earth
flipped across space and renamed Ravalox) might lead you to conclude that the
Earth had gone missing (although this is never mentioned!) but there is no
mention anywhere of anyone looking for a planet called Ravalox and not being
able to find it. Shada of course, is a lost planet, but alas it doesn't
feature in an episode of Doctor Who transmitted by the BBC and so is a wrong

All of which leaves The Pirate Planet. As far as I can tell, none of the
planets gobbled up by Zanak are ever described as lost, and being reduced to
rubble sounds more like being simply destroyed than anything else, so at
first, I was tempted to mark Callufrax, Bandraginous V and so on as wrong.
But episode one clearly shows the Doctor wondering what has happened to
Callufrax and episode three clearly shows him finding it, so it does seem
fair to describe it as "lost". And if Callufrax is "lost", then I guess so
are all the others. As one entrant put it "Is Granados lost? Ask any 
nterstellar cartographer, or anybody who lived in its original solar system
- they don't know where it's gone because its shrunken husk is kept as a
trophy by the Pirate Captain."

Note that there is no evidence on-screen that Callufrax (the planet gobbled
up by Zanak in The Pirate Planet) is the same as Callufrax Minor (one of the
27 planets stolen by the Daleks in The Stolen Earth) so these would have been
different answers.

5. Name an actor who has played at least three different roles in professional,
licensed Doctor Who stories, at least one of which is in a BBC television
episode of Doctor Who and at least one of which is in a Big Finish audio
drama, released prior to 1 January 2009.

4    Bernard Horsfall (Gulliver, Goth, Baynes)
3    Eleanor Bron (Art Gallery Visitor, Kara, Ileana de Santos)
3    Peter Davison (Reverend Matthew Townsend, The Doctor, Omega)
3    Peter Miles (Dr Lawrence, Nyder, Gantman)
2    Colin Baker (Maxil, Doctor, Provost Tepesh)
2    Jean Marsh (Sara Kingdom, Morgaine, Maria)
2    Mark Gatiss (Lazarus, The Master, Captain Schweiger)
2    Nicholas Courtney (Bret Vyon, Lethbridge-Stewart, TARDIS)
1    Alan Ruscoe (Slitheen, Mathis, Coote)
1    Bernard Cribbins (Tom Campbell, Wilfred Mott, Arnold Korns)
1    David Tennant (The Doctor, Brimmicombe-Wood, Caretaker)
1    David Troughton (Peladon, Hobbes, Tinghus)
1    Gabriel Woolf (Sutekh, Gov Rossiter, The Beast)
1    Ian Collier (Omega, Erco Sallis, Stuart Hyde)
1    John Leeson (K9, Dugeen, Dalek Battle Computer)
1    Lisa Bowerman (Gazelle, Bernice Summerfield, Karra)
1    Martin Jarvis (Hilio, Governor, Rochester)
1    Michael Cochrane (Cranleigh, Fenn-Cooper, Lt Col Brook)
1    Robert Jezek (Frobisher, Recorder, Zbrigniev)
1    Sean Carlsen (Centurian Caius, Natural History of Fear, Policeman)
1    Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee, Goddard, Brant)
1    Don Warrington (two roles only)
1    Nicholas Pegg (not an actor in TV Doctor Who)

I'd hoped to entirely exclude Doctor Who stories in media other than BBC TV
episodes and Big Finish audio dramas, but the wording of this question was
clunky enough as it is. This lets in David Tennant who has a small role in
Scream of the Shalka as well as playing Brimmicombe-Wood in Sympathy for the
Devil - on which note, I probably ought to have excluded Unbound stories and
Companion Chronicles too, all of which contributed to a lot of choice and a
pretty flat distribution of answers. I initially marked Colin Baker wrong,
but thought to check the cast list of Zagreus and find I must consider his
portrayal of Provost Tepesh as a separate character (a later entrant also
spelled this out for me). Zagreus also rides to the rescue of Peter Davison,
Nicholas Courtney (who played the TARDIS!) and John Leeson (who played K9 in
that story and various non-robot-dog roles in the TV series). As to whether
Peter Davison's appearance as an android in Caves of Androzani would have
counted as an extra character, I decline to comment for now.

Nicholas Pegg however fails to make the grade - several Big Finish appearances
to be sure but on TV his only credit is as "Dalek Operator" and this does not
rise to the level of "an actor playing a role" as that credit does not identify
a particular character portrayed, but only a general function which that person
served on the production. Don Warrington has many Big Finish appearances to add
to his portrayal of the President in The Age of Steel but in every case he is
playing Rassilon, so he can only muster two different roles. 

Among the right answers, Bernard Horsfall's many roles (including his appearance
in Davros) clearly stick in the mind as do Peter Miles' contributions (including
his performance in Whispers of Terror, only the third Big Finish audio).

6. Name a character who appeared in at least two stories of the new series of
Doctor Who (2005-2008) but who did NOT appear in either The Stolen Earth or
Journey's End. (For the purposes of this question, Turn Left is treated as a
single story, and so are the three episodes Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last
of the Time Lords.)

5    Margaret Blaine (AoL/WW3, BT)
4    Jake Simmonds (RotC/TAoS, AoG/Doomsday)
3    Adam (Dalek/TLG)
3    Cassandra (TEotW, NE)
3    Novice Hame (NE, GL)
3    Tish Jones (S&J, TLE)
2    Dalek Jast (AoG/Doomsday, DiM/EotD)
2    Leo Jones (S&J, TLE)
2    Oliver Morgenstern (S&J, TL)
1    Dalek Sec (AoG/Doomsday, DiM/EotD)
1    Dalek Thay (AoG/Doomsday, DiM/EotD)
1    Gwyneth (UD, BW/TPotW)
1    Pete Tyler (RotC/TAoS, AoG/DD)
1    Private Harris (TSS/TPS, TL)
3    Sinister Woman (not named)
1    The (9th) Doctor

Entrants seemed to think that going right back to Series One would fox the rest
of the field, and so Margaret Blaine (aka Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen)
led the way. Elize du Toit's character is not named, and so "Sinister Woman" is
a wrong answer to a question which asks you to provide a name and the Ninth
Doctor is an equivalent answer to "The Doctor" under rule 4.6. Gwyneth only
appears in flashback footage outside of The Unquiet Dead but since this is a
question about appearances and not appearances with other characters, the
proscription against flashback footage in rule 4.3 does not apply, and so this
is a correct answer. 

Other right answers not given are Trinity Wells, Clive Jones and The Master.
Even without the flashback in Journey's End, The Face of Boe would not have
been a correct answer

7. Name a writer who has written and been credited for original licensed
Doctor Who stories in two or more media

3    Terrance Dicks (TV, novel)
3    Robert Shearman (audio CD, comic)
2    Chris Boucher (TV, novel)
2    Eric Saward (TV, radio)
2    Paul Magrs (audio CD, novel)
2    Paul Cornell (TV, novel)
2    Philip Martin (TV, audio CD)
2    Russell T Davies (TV, novel)
2    Steve Lyons (audio CD, novel)
2    Victor Pemberton (TV, LP)
2    William Emms (TV, gamebook)
1    Alan Barnes (audio CD, comic)
1    Dan Abnett (short story, comic)
1    Gary Russell (comic, novel)
1    Jacqueline Rayner (audio CD, novel)
1    Jane Baker (TV, gamebook)
1    John Lucarotti (TV, short story)
1    Jonathan Morris (novel, CD audio)
1    Mark Gattis (TV, novel)
1    Martha Jones (Smith and...)
1    Matt Jones (TV, novel)
1    Matthew Sweet (audio CD, short story)
1    Simon Forward (novel, CD audio)
1    Robert Holmes (TV only)

Another question with more scope than I realised - entrants were very inventive
in coming up with different media, and I felt a little pang of nostalgia when
Victor Pemberton's name came up. I got my Target books out of the library and
we had no VCR until about 1985, so for years the only Doctor Who I had "on tap"
was an LP of Doctor Who and The Pescatons ("Hello Dolly, well hello Dolly...").
Jane Baker I nearly marked wrong on the basis that the author of Mark of the
Rani and the Find-Your-Fate gamebook "Race Against Time" was "Pip and Jane
Baker" and not "Jane Baker", but I had asked for a writer, and that's what she
is (I suppose). Robert Holmes is just wrong, he only novelised one of his own
stories (The Two Doctors) and as a novelisation it doesn't count as an "original
story" and he never wrote Doctor Who fiction in any other medium that I'm aware
of. This was another question which required you to look outside the world of
televised Who episodes, and I agree with Wilf, there were at least one or two
too many such questions in this quiz.

At least one entrant submitted his own name as a correct answer to this
question, which earns style points at least!

8. Identify a character whose name or usual form of address also appears in
the title of a story or episode.

7    The Keeper of Traken
4    Meglos
3    (Mighty) Kublai Khan
3    Mawdryn (Undead)
2    Captain Knight (of Jaffa)
2    Master (Daleks  Plan)
2    Steven (Feast of)
1    (Ghost) Light
1    (Mark of) The Rani
1    Delta (and the Bannermen)
1    Ian (The Silur-ian-s)
1    Lan (The Idiot's Lan-tern)
1    Land (of Fear)
1    Lon (Co-lon-y in Space)
1    Martha Jones (Smith and...)
1    The Meddling Monk
1    The Watcher
1    Kroll (not a character)
1    St Bartholomew (not a character)
1    War Lord

As mentioned, question 8 is an easier version of question 4 in DWRE10 wherein
I asked you to name a character whose name also appears in the title of a
Doctor Who episode or story in which they appear. For comparison, the most
popular answer there (by some margin) was Kublai Khan. "Kroll" was a wrong
answer in DWRE10 and remains one here - a prop with no dialogue is not a
character. (All of the DWRE competitions are archived at should anyone really want to know.) 

Maybe because I specified "name or usual form of address here" people were
more likely to look for titles rather than names, and this may explain The
Keeper of Traken's strong showing. On the other hand, The Watcher (episode 1
of The Meddling Monk) and The Meddling Monk were only given once each.

Having previously accepted "Pi" as a number "appearing in" the title "The
Satan Pit" I felt obliged to accept "Ian" as a name appearing in "The
Silurians". The same principle applies to "Lon" (played by Martin Clunes
in Snakedance) and "Lan" (played by Tony Osoba in Destiny of the Daleks).

St Bartholomew is clearly not a character in The Massacre of St
Bartholomew's Eve so this answer is wrong (And why must we call this story,
with so many different versions of its name on different pieces of production
paperwork, by the longest and stupidest formulation available? I blame DWM.)
"Knight" - as in "The Knight of Jaffa", episode 2 of The Crusade- gave me
pause because I'm not sure that one word clearly identifies the character
played by Ralph Watson in The Web of Fear. Captain Knight, sure, but not
just "Knight" which could equally well refer to one of several characters
in Battlefield for example. However, the question only requires that a
character be identified, which both entrants did, and that that character's
name ("Knight") appear in an episode title, which it does.

No such issues arose elsewhere. For instance, as far as I've been able to
tell, "Land" in the context of the name of a character in a Doctor Who can
only refer to Carl Forgione's character in Planet of the Spiders and so this
is obviously a correct answer - "A Land of Fear" being the title of the first
episode of The Reign of Terror. Likewise "Jones" in Smith and Jones can only
really refer to Martha despite the preponderance of Joneses in this episode
and elsewhere, so this answer is correct, even though nobody calls her just

Finally, while it's true that a character is referred to as "The War Lord"
in The War Games and that the fourth episode of The Crusade is called "The
Warlords", all the resources I consulted showed the character spelled as
two words and the episode title spelled as one word, thus the sequence of
characters "War Lord" (including the space) does not appear in any story or
episode title and this is a wrong answer.

9. Give the title of a documentary appearing on an official DVD release which
has only one story as its focus and which has a running time of more than 30

6    Tales of Isop (Web Planet, 38'00")
3    Anti-matter from Amsterdam (Arc of Infinity, 34'55")
3    Paris in the Springtime (City of Death, 45'00")
2    Beginning the End (Time Warrior, 30'30")
2    Being Nice to Each Other (Keeper of Traken, 30'04")
2    Evolution of The Invasion (The Invasion, 50'00")
2    Future Memories (Dalek Invasion of Earth, 45'00")
2    Hello Sailor (Silurians, 36'37")
2    Lords and Luddites (Mark of the Rani, 43'00")
2    Revelation Exhumed (Revelation of the Daleks, 45'00")
1    Can You Hear the Earth Scream (Inferno, 35'00")
1    Genesis of a Classic (Genesis of the Daleks, 62'00")
1    Getting a Head (Brain of Morbius, 32'04")
1    The Depths (Warriors of the Deep, 31'42")
1    The Fact of Fiction (Mind Robber, 35'00")
1    Beneath the Sun (not a documentary)
1    Built for War (not specific)
1    Earthshock (not a documentary)
1    Endgame (not specific)
1    Osirian Gothic (only 22'00")

Again, a fairly flat distribution - with one exception - and only a few
wrong answers. I can't imagine what quality or qualities Tales of Isop might
possess which makes it such an attractive answer. 

A few people tripped up here. Built for War is a survey of Sontaran stories
and Endgame is an account of stories which might have made up the 1990 season
had there been one, so neither is specific to a single story. Beneath the Sun
really isn't a documentary at all, it's just an assemblage of raw footage, and
Osirian Gothic is too short at 22 minutes. The Doctor Who Restoration Team's
website was used as the primary source to check lengths of documentaries, but
these were not always given to the nearest second, however only a few were
within one minute of the thirty-minute mark in any case. If anyone has a more
authoritative source which they believe merits a remarking, I'll look into it.
I already checked Osirian Gothic on my copy of the Pyramids of Mars DVD since
that was the only one I was marking wrong on the grounds of length.

My thanks as always to all the entrants. I already have enough questions for
DWRE13, which I hope are both easier to answer from general Doctor Who
knowledge, and harder to get a good score on than those in DWRE12. I will post
these questions in the next few days.




Following the usual round of complaints and quibbles, the following revisions
have been made.

Moses Jones has not yet featured Matt Smith, so this answer is wrong.

Gareth Milne despite being primarily a stuntman, he received credits for at
least one role in both Dempsey and Who and so this is a correct answer.
Whether Vislor is relieved or disappointed, I don't know, but he remains at
the bottom of the scoreboard for DWRE12.

The Master. I have decided that the fairest and most natural interpretation
is to give Peter Morris credit for a separate answer from Chriskelk, and to
accept Chriskelk's answer as referring to the renegade time lord. This bumps
them both up the scoreboard. 

The revised scoreboard thus looks like this...

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 
 1          64    Wilf                 4  1  1  2  2  1  2  1  1  2  
 2         480    Chriskelk            4  1  2  3  5  1  1  2  1  2  
 3         840    Jonathan Morris      2  2  1  1  5  1  1  1 WR  3  
 4         960    John Dorney          4  1 WR  1  5  1  1  2  1  2  
 5       1,920    Starfighter Pilot    4  3  2  4  4  1  5  1  1  1  
 6       2,592    Phil Evans           1  3  1  2  4  3  3  1  2  6  
 =       2,592    froo                 1  1  2  3  4  3  3  2  1  6  
 8       3,840    Fortmap              4  2  6  4  5  1  1  1  2  2  
 9       5,184    Iain Rylands         6  1  3  4  2  1  3  2  3  2  
10       5,400    Peter Morris         6 WR  1  1  5  3  2  3  1  1  
11       5,760    Andrew Hodson        2  2  2  2  5  2  3  2  1  6  
 =       5,760    TimeTraveller        6 WR  3  4  2  1  2  1  1  2  
13       6,804    Dan Stimpson         1  3  2  3  3  3  3  2  7  1  
14       7,680    Blowfly              4 WR  1  4  2  1  2  2  2  3  
15       8,640    Vegetables          WR  1  1  4  1  1 WR  3  1  6  
16      10,752    DoctorBrownCoat      4  1  2  1  2 WR  2  3  7  2  
17      10,800    Tin Machine          6  1  6  1 WR  1  5 WR  1  1  
18      11,664    Gazza Innit          6  1  3  3  2  3  4  1  3  3  
19      17,280    Aaron George         2  3  6  2  1  2  5  2  1 WR  
20      19,440    magicbaboon          4  3  3  3  3  3  5  1  2  2  
21      34,992    stupid little horses 6  3  6  3  3  2  3  2  1  3  
22      54,432    Mink Newberry        1  3  6  3  3  4  2  2  7  3  
23      60,480    ElectroBoy           2  5  3  3  4  2  3  2  7  2  
24      62,208    Aloysius             2  1  6  3  3  4  3  2  4  6  
 =      62,208    Barnaby Salton       6  1  6  3  3  3  4  2  4  2  
26      67,200    David Ainsworth      2  5  6  2  2  1  5  2 WR  2  
27      69,120    Simon Kinnear        6  3  6  4  2  1 WR  2  4  1  
28                Ben Goudie          WR  1  6  3  1 WR  4  1  3  6  
29                Lee Johnson          6  5  2  3 WR  3  4  1  3  2  
30                Ged Sweeney          2  5  2  4  5  4  1  1  7 WR  
31                Nightsky             6  3  3  3  5  2  3  2  7  2  
32                Paul Sigma           6  2 WR  3 WR  2  3  3  4  2  
33                Michael S Collins    1  2 WR  3  5  2 WR  3  3 WR  
34                HolmesBaker          1  5  6  2 WR  2  3  3  7 WR  
35                Badgers              2 WR  6 WR  5  4  3  2  3 WR  
36                Vislor              WR  2 WR WR WR  3 WR  2 WR  3  

No other complaints were convincing and so no other changes have been made.
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