Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests

DWRE11: 12 April 2008


48 people chose to play which exceeds DWRE1’s 42 and is only beaten by
DWRE10’s exceptional total of 62. Thank you all for playing. Again DWRE11
was not posted to news groups.
The winner was NEIL SULLIVAN with an excellent score of 112. Second and
third places go to Martin Ingham and Lee Johnson. Here are their answer
slates. Use a monospaced font to see proper alignment (this may mean doing
'view source').

     NEIL SULLIVAN          MARTIN INGHAM          LEE JOHNSON            
0    Horda                  Zarbi                  Malus                  
1    Shilling               Talmars                Narg                   
2    David Tennant          Nicholas Courtney      David Maloney          
3    Queen Elizabeth I      Susan                  Benton                 
4    Sylvester McCoy        [WRONG]                Stephen Greenhorn      
5    Mervyn Pinfield        Verity Lambert         Barry Newbery          
6    Clown Hat              Gold Usher Robe        Napoleon Jacket        
7    The Leisure Hive       Planet of Giants       Revenge / Cybermen  
8    John Smith             Maximus Pettulian      Theta Sigma            
9    Banks of the Thames    The Ark                Lady Peinforte's House

To review the scoring:
The scores on the different questions are MULTIPLIED to produce a final
score for each entrant. Low score wins; a perfect score is 1. If your
answer to a question is correct, then your score is the number of people
who gave that answer, or an answer I consider equivalent. A wrong answer,
or a skipped question, gets a high score as a penalty. This is the median
- the number of entrants
- the square root of that number, rounded up to an integer
- double the largest number of entrants giving the same answer (right or
wrong) as each other on the question
Here is the complete table of scores. Scores of over 500,000 have been
omitted to spare blushes.

RANK     SCORE    ENTRANT             Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9

 1         112    Neil Sullivan        1  7  2  4  1  2  1  1  1  1 
 2       2,160    Martin Ingham        1  3  1  6 WR  1  1  2  1  5 
 3       2,400    Lee Johnson          3  5  1 10  2  2  1  1  4  1 
 4       3,072    Simon Kinnear        2  2  1  4 WR  1  1  2  2  4 
 5       4,320    JCCMMBailey          1  1  2  9  1  2  1  4  6  5 
 6       4,608    NathanTheWhovian     1  1  1  4 WR  3  1  2  4  4 
 7       7,168    chriskelk            1  7  4  4  2  1  1  2  4  4 
 8      19,440    Ged Sweeney          1  5  3  9  3  4  1  3  2  2 
 9      24,192    wilf                 3  1  1  4 WR  3 WR  2  4  1 
10      26,880    redeal               1  4  4  5  6  1 WR  2  1  4 
11      28,800    Michael S Collins    1  3  4 10 WR  1  2  1  2  5 
12      30,240    David Ainsworth      1  7  1  6 WR  2  1  3  2  5 
13      34,560    Lonestar             2  1  4 10  3  3  1  3  4  4 
 =      34,560    Biggles              1  2  3 10 WR  2  1  2  4  3 
15      44,800    TimeTraveller        1  2  1 10  2  2 WR  2  8  5 
16      57,600    Aloysious            1  1  4  5 WR  3  1  4  4  5 
 =      57,600    Andrew Hodson        1  5  4 WR  1  3  1  3  4  4 
18      72,000    Joe Henning          1  1  3 10 WR  5  2  1  4  5 
19      72,576    Carl Wood            2  4  1  9  2  4 WR  3  3  2 
20      84,672    John Dorney          1  7  2  6  3  4 WR  3  4  1 
21      96,768    Rich                 2  1  3  6 WR  2 WR  2  8  1 
 =      96,768    Bazza                2  2  3  9  2  2 WR WR  1  4 
 =      96,768    Hotmissile           1  7  4  4 WR  3  3  2  4  1 
24     100,800    Craig Charlesworth  WR  5  3  5  6  4  1  2  1  4 
25     112,896    Fortmap              1  7  2  2  2  3 WR  4  6  4 
26     138,240    The Magic Wanderer   3  2  1 10 WR  3  1 WR  2  4 
 =     138,240    sontaran             3  3  2 WR WR  2  1  4  1  4 
28     153,600    Ben Goudie           1  8  1  5  3 WR  1 WR WR  1 
29     184,320    Alinor               2 WR  3  1 WR  1  1  2  8 WR 
30     241,920    Barnaby Salton       1  4  1  6 WR  1 WR  3  8  5 
 =     241,920    Catflap              3  3  4 WR WR  1 WR  2  2  1 
32     248,832    Mel Orr              3  4  3  1 WR  4  3  3  4  4 
33     322,560    Trevor Gensch        1  8  4  6  1  4 WR  1  6 WR 
34     376,320    Jonathan Morris     WR  1  1  4 WR  4 WR  1  8  5 
 =     376,320    MinkNewberry        WR  7  4  5  3  2  1  2  8  4 
36     387,072    Badgers             WR  2 WR  2 WR  1  2  3  6  4 
37                Butters              1  8  2  9  6  5  2  2  6  5 
38                Zachary McCain       1  8  3 10  6  4 WR  2  2  5 
39                HolmesBaker          3  8  3  9  1  3  2 WR  3 13 
40                asmoranomardicodais  2 WR  3  9 WR  5  2  1  3  4 
41                stupid little horses 3  1  4 10 WR  2  3  2 WR  5 
42                Albereto            WR  8  4  1  3 WR WR WR  2  2 
43                Andrew Curnow        1  8 WR  4 WR WR  1  1  6 WR 
44                McGovern             1 WR  4  9  6  2 WR  2  8  3 
45                IceWarrior           1  5  3  9 WR  1 WR WR  8  4 
46                Angela               3  8  4 10  6  5  1 WR WR  4 
47                Peter Morris         2  3  4 WR WR WR  1 WR WR  3 
48                Luke Curtis         WR  3  4 WR WR  5 WR WR  1  5 

Here is the complete list of answers given. Each list shows correct
answers in the order worst to best (most to least popular). >>> indicates
that the "more specific variant" scoring was used.

0. Name a monster or an alien species no member of which is given any

3 Aggedor
3 Malus
3 Mire Beast
2 Adipose
2 Drashig
2 Myrka
2 Slyther
1 Androzani Bats
1 Blobby Thing (Three Doctors)
1 Didonians
1 Ergon
1 Fifi
1 Functionaries
1 Gel Guards
1 Horda
1 Kroll
1 Macra
1 Magneton
1 Martian Astronauts
1 Medusa
1 Medusoids
1 Plasmatons
1 Raak (Mindwarp)
1 Seaweed Monster
1 Shrivenzale
1 Stegosaurus
1 Varga Plant
1 Visians
1 Wallarians
1 Weeping Angels
1 Wolf Weeds
1 Zarbi
2 Autons
1 Chumblies
1 Cybermats
1 Raston Warrior Robot
1 Scarecrows (Human Nature)

This was pretty straightforward. I was stupid not to write “we have seen”
as that allowed in creatures such as the Wallarians who do not get any
dialogue because they are only referred to and never seen.

And “monster or alien species” already gave you a lot of room to move, so
whereas the Myrka for example is almost certainly of terrestrial origin, it
is obviously a “monster”. I do think that the words “species” and “monster”
require an organic creature, so I’ve ruled out Raston Warrior Robot,
Autons, Cybermats and Scarecrows all as inorganic constructs – either
robotic or animated by something without. The Chumblies are not only
robots, but robots which speak!

It’s not at all clear that “functionaries” refers to a race of aliens in
Carnival of Monsters (as opposed to a grouping or caste or somesuch) but
absent other evidence, I gave this one the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise
this was pretty easy and you were unlucky to get a 3.

1. Name a unit of currency we have seen or which has been referred to.

8 Pounds sterling (=five pound coin)
7 Shilling
5 Narg (Two Doctors)
4 Grotzits (Mysterious Planet)
3 Francs (City of Death)
3 Talmars (Sun Makers)
2 Opeks (Ribos Operation)
2 Piastre (Death to the Daleks)
2 Sestersii (The Romans)
1 Cocoa beans (Aztecs)
1 Corpira (Frontios)
1 Credit bar (Carnival of Monsters)
1 Crown (Dragonfire)
1 Ecu (Massacre)
1 Galactic Credits (Nightmare on Eden)
1 Pence
1 Pesetas (Two Doctors)
1 Pre-decimal penny
2 Spider (Battlefield)
1 Coin with two heads (not a unit of currency)

This one was slightly trickier. A unit of currency is an abstract concept
by which money is measured, not a physical token by which money can be
exchanged. Nevertheless, several entrants submitted specific coins which I
initially marked wrong. Having considered a couple of borderline cases
(“Corpira pieces (you blow through the hole for luck). Turlough has a two
Corpira piece in Frontios”) I elected to mark correct any answer which did
include a unit of currency and to mark it as equivalent to any answer which
specified only that unit. Hence the entrant who specified “five pound coin”
is deemed to have answered “pounds sterling”.

This left the only wrong answers as a two-headed coin (unlikely even to be
legal tender) and the clockwork spider which is among the clutter in the
Doctor’s pockets in Battlefield. True, he tells Shou Yung that it’s a “very
valuable piece of coinage” but in what currency we have no idea.
It was no surprise to see “Narg” and “Grotzits” among the most popular
fictional currencies, and equally no surprise to see a lot of British
currencies included. On which subject, British currency is assumed to be
post-decimalisation unless specified. “Cocoa beans” is a correct answer
since I didn’t say ask for something which was only a unit of currency, and
it was used as currency by the Aztecs as well as in courtship rituals.

2. Name someone who has recorded audio commentary tracks for three or more
officially-released BBC Doctor Who DVDs. For the purposes of this question,
a boxset counts as one DVD and DVDs which differ only in their packaging
are considered to be the same DVD.

4 Barry Letts (Inferno, Time Warrior, Robot)
4 Philip Hinchcliffe (Hand of Fear, Pyramids of Mars, Ark in Space)
4 Richard Martin (Web Planet, DioE, The Beginning)
4 Terrance Dicks (Inferno, Time Warrior, Robot)
3 Elisabeth Sladen (Ark in Space, Hand of Fear, Sontaran Experiment)
3 Katy Manning (Carnival of Monsters, Claws of Axos, Green Death)
3 Peter Davison (Black Orchid, Earthshock, New Beginnings)
3 William Russell (Web Planet, Aztecs, DioE)
2 David Tennant (Series 2, Series 3, Five Doctors)
2 Nicola Bryant (Two Doctors, Mark of the Rani, Timelash)
2 Verity Lambert (DioE, Web Planet, The Beginning)
1 Andrew Cartmel (Survival, Ghost Light, Beneath the Surface)
1 David Maloney (Mind Robber, Genesis, Weng-Chiang)
1 Fraser Hines (Invasion, Mind Robber, Seeds of Death)
1 Gary Russell (Web Planet, DioE, Lost in Time)
1 Graeme Harper (Androzani, Revelation, Series Two)
1 Julie Gardner (Series One, Series Two, Series Three)
1 Matthew Waterhouse (Earthshock, Visitation, Black Orchid)
1 Nicholas Courtney (Inferno, Five Doctors, Invasion)
1 Phil Collinson (Series One, Series Two, Series Three)
1 Sylvester McCoy (Fenric, Remembrance, Survival)
1 Tom Baker (Ark in Space, Genesis, Hand of Fear)
1 Wendy Padbury (Mind Robber, Invasion, Seeds of Death)
1 Christopher Bidmead (New Beginnings and Leisure Hive only)
1 John Levene (Inferno only)

Again, nothing much to worry about here. No surprise to see popular and
voluble contributors Dicks, Letts and Hinchcliffe all near the top, but in
fact there was quite a lot of choice. Right answers not given include (off
the top of my head) Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, Janet Fielding and Russell
T Davies.

Three “trick” answers were possible: Gary Russell who moderated DVD
commentaries on several Hartnell stories, Andrew Cartmel who only recorded
commentaries for two of his stories (Ghost Light and Survival) but who also
chaired the discussion of The Sea Devils on the Beneath the Surface box
set, and David Tennant who can be heard on the Series Two and Series Three
box sets, plus the recently-released edition of The Five Doctors which
features him, Phil Collinson and Helen Raynor on an Easter Egg commentary
track. Russell and Cartmel were both named once, and Tennant twice.

I probably should have specified Region 2 here, but nobody tried to argue
that the difference between PAL and NTSC encoding amounted to differing in
more than packaging.

3. Name a character who appeared in at least one story originally broadcast
in black-and-white and and least one story originally broadcast in colour.
For the purposes of this question, characters who appear in only black-andwhite
clips shown as part of colour stories are not deemed to have appeared
in that colour story.

10 Benton
9 Zoe
6 Susan
5 Jamie
4 Queen Elizabeth I
4 Shakespeare
2 Cybercontroller
1 Chancellor
1 Lethbridge-Stewart
1 The Doctor
1 Cyberleader
1 David Troughton (not a character)
1 Frazer Hines (not a character)
1 Liz Shaw
1 Supreme Dalek (not the same character)

Here the challenge was simply that there were not too many right answers to
choose from. The obvious answers were recurring characters who bridged the
divide between black-and-white and colour (Benton, the Brig and the Doctor
himself), and those brought back in The Five Doctors (Zoe, Susan, Jamie).
Trickier answers were Queen Elizabeth I (The Chase and The Shakespeare
Code) and the Cybercontroller (Tomb and Attack). In these cases it is clear
that this is intended to be the same character. Queen Elizabeth is a
historical character and I have previously ruled that the two
Cybercontrollers are the same, based on the recasting of Michael Kilgariff
and dialogue in Attack regarding him being “rebuilt”. The same is not true
of the various Cyberleaders played by David Banks.

Less clear cut is the Time Lord/Chancellor played by Clyde Pollit in both
The War Games and The Three Doctors. Absent any other evidence, I think it
is fair to conclude that the same actor in the same situation is the same
character. For various reasons, it is rather harder to conclude that one of
the other Time Lords at the Second Doctor’s trial is also Chancellor Goth
(and Gulliver??).

The entrant who cited Liz Shaw specified that this was simply because she
was a forgotten companion and he wanted her commemorated. I trust this was
worth the 20 point multiplier which it cost.

4. Name someone whose name has appeared in the opening titles of exactly
one episode of Doctor Who

6 Kylie Minogue (Voyage of the Damned)
3 Paul McGann (TVM)
3 Robert Shearman (Dalek)
2 John Novak (TVM)
2 Michael David Simms (TVM)
2 Stephen Greenhorn (Lazarus Experiment)
1 Daphne Ashbrook (TVM)
1 Gareth Roberts (Shakespeare Code)
1 Matthew Graham (Fear Her)
1 Rose
1 Sylvester McCoy (TVM)
4 Johhny Ringo (not in titles)
4 Kublai Khan (not in titles)
2 Louis Serbe (not in titles)
1 Carole Ann Ford (0 episodes)
1 Catherine Tate (3 episodes)
1 Donald Tosh (not in titles)
1 Dr Joseph-Ignace Guillotin (not in titles)
1 Geoffry Sax (not in titles)
1 God (not in titles)
1 Hettie MacDonald (not in titles)
1 Marco Polo (not in titles)
1 Meddling Monk (not in titles)
1 Morbius (4 episodes)
1 Peter Davison (0 episodes)
1 Rani (6 episodes)
1 Stephen Harris (4 episodes)
1 Steven (Feast of) (not in titles)
1 William Emms (4 episodes)

Right, now this does require some explanation. First off, apologies again
for the typo. I wrote “open titles” when I should have written “opening
titles”. As I wrote in my correction, nobody queried this, so I assume it
did not cause any confusion.

However, the “opening titles” of a TV programme, also called the “title
sequence” is a collection of onscreen credits, accompanied by standard
music and imagery. It is not merely the appearance on screen of captions,
superimposed over the action.

This creates a problem for people who went hunting through Hartnell episode
titles (noting – as some did not – that the question specified “episode”
and not “story”). In the Hartnell days, credits for episode title and
author were displayed on screen after the opening titles had finished. It
was not until early in the Patrick Troughton era that these were
incorporated into the opening titles, and by that time individual episode
titles had been abandoned, meaning that any proper name would appear on all
the episodes making up that story.

Your only source for correct answers therefore was the TV Movie (which
lists seven lead actors in its titles – all correct answers) and the new
series which includes lead actors in its titles as well as individually
titled episodes and authors of (one-part) stories.

So, where I’ve put “not in titles” this refers either to a Hartnell episode
title, or another credit which appears after the titles are over (directors
in the new series for example, or the further credits of the TV Movie). The
one exception to this is Donald Tosh, who genuinely is only credited for
one episode of The Massacre and so this is a very clever answer indeed. As
was usually the case though, the credit appears after the opening titles
and not during them.

Entrants were very creative and also managed to be wrong for other reasons.
Time Crash is not a story under rule 4.1 so Peter Davison is out. Even if
the question had specified “story” and not “episode”, “Rani” would be
wrong. “Stephen Harris” probably isn’t a “someone” and in any case the name
appears on all four episodes of Pyramids of Mars. “Marco Polo” never
appears as an on-screen caption at all as far as I can see.
Despite all the wrong answers, right answers not given included Eric
Roberts, Yee Jee Tso, Toby Whithouse, Chris Chibnall, The Doctor (Dances),
Shakespeare and Lazarus.

The entrant who submitted “God” was thinking of episode 1 of The Massacre
and the entrant who submitted “Dr Joseph-Ignace Guillotin” was thinking of
episode 2 of The Reign of Terror. Both appear on screen after and not
during the opening titles.

Note: despite the confusion, I am satisfied that I have used the term
“opening titles” as it is generally understood. While, for example, Hettie
MacDonald’s credit as director of Blink might justifiably be described as
part of the “opening credits”, it cannot be considered part of the “opening

5. Name someone whose name has appeared in the opening or closing titles of
fifty or more episodes of Doctor Who and who was at no time a member of the
regular cast.

5 John Nathan-Turner
4 Douglas Camfield (52 episodes)
4 Terrance Dicks
3 Alec Wheal
3 David Whitaker (85 episodes)
3 Ron Grainer
2 Barry Newbery (62 episodes)
2 Brian Hodgson
2 Derrick Sherwin (56 episodes)
2 Dick Mills
2 John Scott Martin
2 Mervyn Pinfield (61 episodes)
1 Barry Letts
1 Benton (77 episodes)
1 Chris D'Oyly John
1 Dudley Simpson
1 Eric Saward
1 Graham Williams
1 Pat Gorman
1 Sid Sutton
1 Sylvia James
1 Verity Lambert
1 Bob Baker (39 episodes)
1 Ian Chesterton (regular cast)
1 Peter Howell (40 episodes)
1 The Doctor (regular cast)

This one was a bit easier. Parenthetical episode counts indicate that I was
sufficiently uncertain to check. IMDB was useful, but not always reliable –
undercounting Alec Wheal significantly, but overcounting Peter Howell who
only received an on-screen credit for incidental music and not for his
arrangement of the theme music.

This question should probably have specified “real person”, but if we are
going to interpret “someone” to mean “character or actor” (as well as
behind the scenes contributors), then it seems only fair to interpret
“cast” to mean “cast of characters” as well as “cast of actors”, and so
neither The Doctor nor Ian Chesterton are right answers, as both are
members of the regular cast.

The entrant who submitted Bob Baker told me “he only wrote/co-wrote 38
episodes, but for the Hinchcliffe & Williams era stories the writer credit
appeared in both the opening and closing titles, doubling up his total to
more than 50.” However, you were asked to count episodes not appearances of
his name. Even if one of his stories was entitled Bob Baker and the Bob
Baker Invasion and was written by Bob Baker and Bob Baker, it wouldn’t
change the number of episodes on which his name appears.

6. Name or otherwise identify a piece of clothing worn by the Doctor in one
story only, which is not generally thought of as part of his standard

3 Duffel Coat (Fenric)
2 Blue Cloak (Revelation)
2 Deerstalker (Weng Chiang)
2 Toga (The Romans)
1 Clown Hat (Robot)
1 Clown suit (Robot)
1 Cricket gloves (Black Orchid)
1 Epaulettes (The Reign of Terror)
1 Fingerless gloves (Five Doctors)
1 Gallifreyan Collar (Deadly Assassin)
1 Gold Usher Robe (Deadly Assassin)
1 Head Scarf (Green Death)
1 Lawyer's wig (Stones of Blood)
1 Mandarin's Hat (Marco Polo)
1 Napoleon Jacket (Time and the Rani)
1 Neckerchief (The Mutants)
1 Pajama Bottoms (Christmas Invasion)
1 Radiation Suit (Warriors of the Deep)
1 Red/Blue Kang Scarf (Paradise Towers)
1 Regional Officer Hat (Reign of Terror)
1 Shower cap (Spearhead from Space)
1 Spiridon Cloak (Death to the Daleks)
1 Tartan Bonnet (Zygons)
1 Viking Helmet (Robot)
1 Waistcoat (Two Doctors)
1 Zephon's Cloak (Dalek Masterplan)
2 Black bow tie (Lazarus and Voyage of the Damned)
2 Thal Guard Uniform (Genesis)
1 Army uniform (Highlanders)
1 Deep Sea Diving Costume (Warriors of the Deep)
1 Dressing Gown (Black Orchid, Christmas Invasion)
1 French uniform (Reign of Terror)
1 Harlequin costume (Black Orchid)
1 Holmes costume (Weng Chiang)
1 Milkman's costume (Green Death)
1 Mortar Board (Time and the Rani and Human Nature/Family of Blood)
1 Pirate Costume (Underwater Menace)
1 Radiation Suit (Warriors of the Deep)
1 Redcoat uniform (The Highlanders)
1 Sunglasses (Underwater Menace)
1 Yellow necktie (Vervoids)

Two significant problems here. A “costume” or “disguise” is almost never a
single piece of clothing, so “Deerstalker” is a right answer but “Holmes
costume” (hat, cloak, jacket etc) is not. I did allow pairs (epaulettes and
gloves) however. Whereas I am satisfied that “Clown suit” (Robot) refers to
a single one-piece garment, not including the hat, I feel that “Harlequin
Costume” (Black Orchid) must include the mask. It was, after all, a masked

The other problem is that even when we can be fairly sure that two similar
items of clothing worn in different stories were not the same object, I
think that if they have the same name and general appearance, they must be
ruled out. Bad news for the entrants who chose mortar board, dressing gown
and black bow tie (although that last one is almost certainly the same
object as well). Sunglasses are accessories, not clothing.

The only really marginal call here was the Doctor’s yellow necktie in
Terror of the Vervoids. Clearly, Pertwee’s various smoking jackets, frilly
shirts and so on are all part of his “standard costume”, and so is the
sixth Doctor’s necktie. In Trial, the “past” Doctor has the blue necktie
from Season 22, the “present” Doctor has a red necktie and the “future”
Doctor has a yellow necktie. The implication seems to me that the yellow
necktie was part of the future Doctor’s standard costume. This is quite
different from wearing a different waistcoat in the heat of Seville, for

7. Name a story which includes the Doctor in the very first shot

4 The Mind Robber
3 Castrovalva
3 The Five Doctors
3 The Two Doctors
2 Bad Wolf / Parting of the Ways
2 Destiny of the Daleks
2 Inferno
2 Planet of Giants
2 The Edge of Destruction
2 The Fires of Pompeii
2 The Mind of Evil
2 The Sensorites
2 The Web of Fear
1 Greatest Show in the Galaxy
1 Power of the Daleks
1 Revenge of the Cybermen
1 Ribos Operation
1 The Daleks
1 The End of the World
1 The Leisure Hive
1 The Space Museum
2 Robot (first shot is Sarah and Brig)
2 TV Movie (first shot is planet Skaro)
2 The Gunfighters (first shot is of OK Corrall)
1 Ghost Light (first shot is the house)
1 Human Nature (episode)
1 The Five Doctors: Special Edition

This one was a bit of a bugger to check, involving all sorts of DVDswapping,
YouTube hunting and so on. “First shot” discounted flashback
material at the beginning of episodes in the new series (so End of the
World is fine) but includes pre-titles sequences, so the TV Movie is out.
You didn’t have to see The Doctor’s face, so Mind of Evil – the Doctor
speeding away in Bessie – is fine.

In some cases, apparently, the memory cheats! Robot does not begin with the
regeneration shot. The first thing we see is the (remounted) shot of Sarah
and the Brig, before we cut to the regeneration, re-used from Planet of the
Spiders. Likewise, the Doctor is not in the first scene of The Gunfighters
at all and Ghost Light proceeds for several minutes before the Doctor and
Ace make their first appearance.

One entrant who submitted the TV Movie tried to justify it because Paul
McGann’s voice is heard over the first few shots, but a “shot” is
determined by a camera operator and an editor. It has no intrinsic
relationship to what the sound mixer elects to put on the soundtrack.

I’m not sure what the entrant who submitted The Five Doctors: Special
Edition was thinking. Firstly, under rule 4.1 there is no such story (my
rules don’t account for multiple versions of the same story – maybe they
should!) but even if I accepted this I can’t overlook the fact that this
entrant has specified the version of the story which opens on interior
shots of the dark tower and not the Doctor polishing the TARDIS console.
A marginal call was Bad Wolf / Parting of the Ways. The sequence of events
here is: flashback footage from The Long Game (not deemed to be part of the
episode), a caption reading “100 years later”, and then an overhead shot of
the Doctor curled up on the floor. After some headscratching, I have
concluded that the caption is not a “shot” and so this answer stands.
Human Nature, finally, is the title of an episode, not a story.

8. Give a name which the Doctor has used or which another character has
used for him.

8 Jamie McCrimmon (Tooth and Claw)
6 Merlin (Battlefield)
4 Doctor Caligari (The Gunfighters)
4 The Doctor (= Doctorgond)
4 Theta Sigma (Armageddon Factor)
3 Professor
2 Doctor Who (War Machines)
2 Doctor von Wer (Highlanders)
2 Salamander (The Enemy of the World)
2 Spartacus (Fires of Pompeii)
1 Abbot of Amboise (The Massacre)
1 Doctor Foreman (An Unearthly Child)
1 John Smith
1 Maximus Pettulian (The Romans)
1 Mr Spock (Empty Child)
1 The Oncoming Storm (The Parting of the Ways)
1 Zeus (Myth Makers)
1 Idiot (Kinda)
1 Johan Schmidt (not on TV)
1 Knackers Yard
1 Master (not a name)

Among the various aliases and impersonations, Jamie McCrimmon and Merlin
were both popular answers. As usual, I accept titles as names if that
individual uses that title as a name, so “The Doctor” is fine. Nicknames
are accepted but mere forms of address or terms of abuse are not. Since I
asked for a name and not a word, variations on the same name are treated as
the same answer, so “Thete” and “Theta Sigma” are the same answer and so
are “Doctor” and “Doctorgond”.

The entrant who submitted “Master” was thinking not of the renegade time
lord but instead of K9. However, K9 doesn’t use “Master” as a name for the
Doctor, he uses it as a term of address for whomever happens to be his
master at the time. Likewise, “Idiot” simply reflects Panna’s estimation of
the Doctor’s intelligence. These terms are used very differently to how Ace
used “Professor” for example.

In the case of “Knackers Yard”, my recollection is that the Doctor doesn’t
actually call the Valeyard “Knackers Yard” (as he does with other similarly
hilarious variations) but merely suggests that the Valeyard adopts it.
Nevertheless, the Valeyard is not the Doctor so the point is moot.
Oddly, only one person went for “John Smith”, it was one of the last
entries I received and it turned out to be the winning one!

9. Name a location where the TARDIS has landed on two or more occasions in
two or more different times, separated by at least one year. The TARDIS
must be seen in the location in question, but it need not be seen to

13 London (1963, 2005)
>>> 4 Heathrow Airport (1666, 1982)
>>> 4 76 Totters Lane (1963, 1985)
>>> 2 Powell Estate (2005, 2007)
>>> 1 Banks of the Thames (1984, 2164)
>>> 1 Perivale (1883, 1989)
5 Nerva
>>> 1 Control room
5 The Ark
>>> 1 Corner of Lab
4 France (1794, 1979)
>>> 3 Paris (1794, 1979)
4 Satellite Five (200,000, 200,100)
4 Skaro (Daleks, Planet of the Daleks)
2 Cardiff (1869, 2005)
>>> 1 Milennium Bay (2006, 2008)
1 Hilltop outside Brendon School (1977, 1983)
1 Lady Peinforte's House (1638, 1988)
1 Scotland (1746, 1879)
1 Alley near Coal Hill School (1963 only)
1 Gatwick Airport (1967 only)
1 No answer given

A nice straightforward one to end with. More specific variants were often
used here, with “London” coming off particularly poorly. Regardless of when
you think the UNIT stories were set, they clearly span far more than one
calendar year, and I don’t think any of the other answers are

“Scotland” was the only answer given which was a place on earth where
neither time period was even close to the time the episode was broadcast.
DWRE12 may follow towards the end of this series.