Doctor Who Common Entries Contests

DWCE3: 15 April 2009

This is the third Doctor Who Common Entries Contest, which is a spin-off from the Doctor Who Rare Entries Contests I have been running on and off since May 2006. The rules have not been changed much since DWCE2, but the questions are of a different form, so one extra rule has been added to clarify this and some redundant rules have been removed.


The purpose of this game is as follows: for each of the questions, your objective is to give an answer that will be duplicated by as MANY other people as possible. While some answers will be marked by me as equivalent, no answers will be marked wrong.

** Answers must be submitted by email only. DO NOT POST ANSWERS HERE **


For each of the following single-word triggers, what is your single-word response?

  1. Dalek
  2. Space
  3. Evil
  5. Planet
  6. Robot
  7. Star
  8. Fan
  9. Professor
  10. Adric


In order to participate in the contest, send your answers to me by email before noon on Friday 24 April. It is of course essential that nobody sees the answers given by other entrants before the deadline, so please do NOT post your answers here!

If there are fewer than 10 entrants, I may not bother working out who's won, so if this sounds like fun, do encourage others to play.

Make sure you have read the rules before submitting your answers.

1. Scoring
Your score on each question is equal to the number of people who give that answer. If you skip a question, or leave it blank, you will score 1 for that question. Your total score is the product of your scores on each question. Your object is to get as high a score as possible. In the results posting I will also give a theoretical maximum score (in one sense at least).

2. Answers
Your answer to each question should be a single word. If more than one word is submitted in answer to a given question, that entrant will be deemed to have submitted only the first word as their answer. In this contest, there will be no judgements of equivalence on my part. Two answers are equivalent if and only if they are exactly the same word, ignoring only capitalisation and punctuation. This means that “snake”, “snakes” and “snakjes” are all different answers, but “SNAKES”, “Snakes” and “snake’s” are all the same answer.

3. Entries
Entries must be emailed to me personally by email. Do NOT post your answers on the forum! Once you intentionally submit an answer, no changes will be allowed. Similarly, alternate answers within an entry will not be accepted. Only the first answer that you intentionally submit counts. Also, multiple entries from the same person are not allowed.

4. Results
Results will normally be posted on the day the contest closes. They may be delayed if I'm unexpectedly busy or for technical reasons.

5. Archive
DWCE3 will be added to the archive of contests at, and so will any future DWCE contests I might run.

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