I am Tom Salinsky and this is my blog. I have started various blogs over the years, all rather specialised. My hope is that by doing one blog covering all the things that interest me, I’ll finally be able to keep one going, even if that does give the whole thing a jack-of-all-trades flavour.

So, what can you find here?

  • I have a strong interest in skepticism, science, evidence, and rationality. Keep your homeopathy, copper bracelets, religious texts and fortune-telling. Bring on the randomised controlled trials, James Randi Million Dollar Challenges and peer-reviewed journals. Of particular interest to me is the debate over evolution vs creation (hint: the creationists are wrong).
  • I am fascinated by the process of storytelling, whether that be in screenplays, novels, conversations, business presentations or theatre. The structures of stories are not arbitrary but reflect the fundamental ways in which our brains process information about the world. I run a scriptreading service called Script Surgeon where you can get detailed notes on any play, screenplay or TV script you might have written.
  • I love comedy especially Not The Nine O’Clock News, M*A*S*H, Bill Hicks, 30 Rock and Better off Ted to name a tiny sample. I also love movies, especially those directed by Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick or Walt Disney or starring Gene Kelly. And let’s not forget cult TV, especially the evergreen Doctor Who, but also sparing a thought for Star Trek (especially TNG), The Avengers, The Prisoner and Lost.
  • My company, The Spontaneity Shop, began life as an improvised comedy and theatre company and we still perform occasional shows as well as teaching workshops. We even wrote a book on the subject. If you’re a visiting improviser from overseas and would like to play with us or earn some beer money teaching a workshop, then get in touch.
  • Most of my time is spent and most of money is earned these days teaching some of those same skills in the corporate arena. With my colleagues Alex and Deborah we offer presentation skills training, charisma courses, pitch coaching, teambuilding and creativity days. It’s fun.
  • I have also dabbled in magic, graphic design, web design and development, I studied maths at university and have a keen interest in law, argument and rhetoric – rarely exploited for profit.
  • I enjoy cooking and it’s not impossible that recipes, restaurant reviews or tasting notes will appear here.
  • I believe it’s fine to split an infinitive if it makes your writing more powerful or easier to read, that cats are better than dogs, that if you’re worried about privacy you should just close your Facebook and/or Google accounts, that correctly spotting which Emperors are actually wearing no clothes is a lot harder than most of us would like to think, that Western Liberal Capitalist Democracies are very much worth having for all their faults, that Global Warming is real but that most of the proposed fixes are ludicrous, that it’s better to be a sucker than a bastard, and that my wife is the best person in the world.

Please enjoy the blog, comment, spread the word and so on.